Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 2)
Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 2) romance stories

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It was an early morning in a small village. There was a cottage just outside town; suddenly the front door opened and out stepped Videl. Videl was a gorgeous girl, with blue eyes and long black hair which she wore in two low pigtails falling past her shoulders, and a fair skin tone.

Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 2)

It was an early morning in a small village. There was a cottage just outside town; suddenly the front door opened and out stepped Videl.

Videl was a gorgeous girl, with blue eyes and long black hair which she wore in two low pigtails falling past her shoulders, and a fair skin tone.

Videl was slender, but surprisingly athletic and strong for a girl her size. Because of this, everyone in her village considered her odd and weird despite her beauty and intelligence.

In fact, Videl was on her way to the local fitness rental shop, which also served as a training center.

During her hike Videl saw the townsfolk carrying about their normal and boring business; the baker setting out freshly baked bread and other goods, the florist assembling flower arrangements,

everything was always the same in this village. Videl grew quite bored and dreamed of life elsewhere with more adventure, challenges, and new daily activities.

In addition to being strong and athletic Videl also loved to read books, which is where she learned of possibilities outside her small hometown.

This wasn’t unusual, and education was highly valued in the village. Indeed, it was because of Videl’s physical training and toughness that she was practically an outcast.

Finally she arrived at the fitness place. The manager, an old man named Roshi greeted her with a big smile. “Well hi there, Videl! Great to see you like always.

” Despite his age, Roshi was still quite a formidable martial artist.

“Good morning, Master Roshi.” Videl replied cheerfully.

The man blushed. “Now Videl, no need to address me as ‘master.’ I may be a tough old bird, but I’m not a trainer anymore.”

The girl smiled. “Okay, if you say so…Roshi.”

He then asked “So, what brings you in today?”

Videl replied “Just the usual working out and finding new equipment. Has anything new come in?”

Roshi shook his head. “Nope, not since last week I’m afraid.”

“I understand,” said Videl. She then noticed a particular set of barbells which she loved exercising with.

They weren’t too light or heavy, and could serve as multiple purposes while training. “Then I’ll take these.”

“Those? But you’ve used them every other day for a couple weeks!” said Roshi.

His customer replied “But they’re my favorite!”

The old man smiled and said “Well then, they’re yours to keep.”

Videl was quite surprised by his offer. “Do you really mean it?”

Roshi nodded and told her “Yes, I sure do.”

She couldn’t believe it, but was quite excited. “Wow, thanks so much Roshi!”

With that, Videl exited the fitness rental shop and workout center. She made her way through town, doing wrist curls with the barbells as she walked.

The girl hadn’t gone far, when a local guy named Sharpner noticed her. Sharpner was Videl’s age, and very popular. He had long blond hair, brown eyes, and an athletic muscly build.

So many gals in the village had a huge crush on Sharpner, but he had his eyes set on Videl.

He quickly finished running some sprints, then began jogging toward her. Sharpner was joined by Krillin, a short bald guy who almost always stayed near his side.

If anything he hoped hanging out with Sharpner would help make him more popular, and learn a few things to impress the women. Panting, Krillin asked “Sharpner, what are you doing now?”

The tall blond guy replied “Going to speak with that girl over there.”

His short companion said “Her? The martial artist wannabe’s daughter?”

Sharpner told him “That’s right. She captured my heart ever since I first met and saw her.”

Finally the two were right at Videl’s side. “Well good day to you, Videl. Fancy meeting you like always.” Sharpner greeted.

“Likewise.” Videl replied, although she actually didn’t care for Sharpner at all. Despite his good looks, popularity, and athletic talent, he was very obnoxious and conceited.

“What do you have here?” He asked, taking the barbells out of her hands.

“They’re barbells, what do you think?” Videl responded with annoyance. “And give them here!”

Sharpner said “The whole village is talking about it. It just isn’t normal for a chic to work out and physically train.

Next thing she’ll become too manly and won’t be the ideal partner for any guy.”

Videl snatched the barbells out of his hands and retorted “Sharpner, you’re a closed-minded idiot.” She then continued walking back toward her cottage.

But Sharpner was persistent. “Come on now! I know, how about I show you my trophies, medals, and ribbons?”

The girl sighed. “Maybe some other time. I need to get home to my dad.”

Krillin snickered. “Hercule? Yeah, I imagine he can’t be home alone for long! Whatever it is, I’m sure he needs help with just about everything!” Then he and Sharpner both laughed.

“Don’t you dare talk about my dad like that!” Videl snapped.

Sharpner then bopped Krillin on the head and said “Yeah, don’t talk about her dad like that!”

Suddenly a loud scream came from Videl’s cottage, followed by a ground-shaking thud. She blushed and did a face-palm as she hurried over toward her residence.

Sharpner and Krillin were laughing hysterically.

Videl entered the living room where Hercule was lying face-down on the floor.

Hercule was a fairly strong and muscly man, with blue eyes and a black afro, as well as a thick moustache and neatly trimmed sideburns.

He was a bit clumsy and not very bright, but Videl’s dad still had excellent potential, determination, and a kind heart deep down.

“Daddy! What happened?” Videl exclaimed, rushing over to her father’s side.

Hercule slowly pushed himself up, grunting in pain and frustration. “That’s it, I give up! I’m never going to master this technique!”

His daughter giggled. “I’ve heard that one plenty of times before.”

Her dad replied “I really mean it this time. I’ve been working on this fighting technique for several months and haven’t made any progress. Failure after failure, time to call it quits.”

Videl did her best to encourage Hercule. “You can still do it! The greatest things never come easily.”

Hercule sat down to at least take a break. Then his daughter asked “Daddy, do you think I’m…bizarre?”

Hercule snorted. “You, bizarre? What kind of talk is that?” He laughed.

Videl smiled slightly. “It’s just that, I cannot click with anyone around here. I don’t have anything in common with anyone in this village, and so I have no one to talk to.”

Her dad said “Well how about Sharpner? Everyone talks to him, and he is quite a catch.” He winked at Videl.

His daughter sighed. “True, Sharpner is popular and all. But he’s also extremely pompous and snobby, not someone I truly care to be around.

Anyway, how about this martial arts technique? I know you can become a champion!”

Hercule’s eyes lit up. “Do you really mean that, sweetheart?”

“I’ve always known that you have it in you.” Videl responded.

That was all the motivation Hercule needed. He stood back up. Videl suggested that they go to the backyard, since that would give more open space.

So they went outside, where Hercule began his exercise. First he performed a power stance, with his right hand out and up and his left hand up but further back.

Then he prepared to charge forward.

“You’ve got this, Dad!” Videl reassured him.

So then Hercule ran forward, performing a barrage of kicks and punches. Then he completed the technique with a ‘dynamite kick.

’ Hercule kicked at the air with his right foot raised high while jumping. Videl then told him “Good! Now just drop back down with both feet at the same time, at shoulder-width.

” Hercule did just that, and to his amazement he successfully completed the martial arts attack!

“I finally got it mastered! Thank you so much, Videl!” Hercule cried out with joy. Then he performed the attack a few more times, and the success continued.

“See? I knew you had it in you, Dad!” Videl said with a big smile.

The father and daughter went back inside for a few minutes. Hercule packed a backpack and headed out. He announced to his daughter “I’m sure to win first place at the tournament tomorrow!”

Videl hugged her father and said “Yes, I know. Please be careful during your travels.”

Hercule nodded, then went out to the barn and mounted on Oolong, their pink and stocky horse. “Let’s go, boy.” He commanded, then Oolong carried him off on the trail.

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