Ancient Lovers Reunited, Part 4
Ancient Lovers Reunited, Part 4 ancient egypt stories

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4,000 years ago, a teenage Egyptian prince committed suicide upon realizing he couldn’t truly be with the one he loved. In modern times, the prince is resurrected and reunited with his beloved, thanks to his lover’s parents, a couple servants, and ultimately, assistance from the god Amun-Ra himself.

Ancient Lovers Reunited, Part 4

Meresamun and Mayet had prepared pancakes for breakfast. Prince Snefre was anxious to try this new food, which was also covered with butter and syrup.

It proved to be very tasty! The prince began snarfing his pancakes down. "Easy there, don't choke!", Meresamun laughed as she patted his back.

After the satisfying breakfast of butter and syrup-covered pancakes, Kanefer and the servants showed Snefre the television, radio, and computer.

They did a wonderful job of explaining this new technology. After they settled and sat down on the couch, Mayet and Idu decided to watch the news on TV.

After switching to a local news channel, they saw that the earlier incident at the museum was the number one story!

"Mom, dad, come here now!", Kanefer called. His parents rushed into the living room, and they saw their story on the news too.

Footage was shown outside of the museum, then inside what used to be Prince Snefre's exhibit.

Pictures were shown as well, including the sarcophagus which was now empty, except for all the ripped wrappings.

Thanks to Pakhom's abilities he gained from studying magic and mysticism, there was no evidence found of any break-in or intruder.

It was also discovered that all of the security cameras mysteriously stopped working during the night. They also mentioned the strange boy who was seen sitting inside the golden sarcophagus.

It was also revealed that all the pictures taken by visitors and news reporters, turned out blurry or blank! The group let out long sighs of relief.

"Thank you, Amun-Ra!", Pakhom exclaimed in gratitude.

The news team then discussed the fire alarm going off inside the museum, for no apparent reason. The scribe chuckled and said, "That was my doing too."

Later that day, Prince Snefre also learned that the last day of school for the year was merely a few days before the anticipated exhibit arrived.

Therefore, he had all summer to learn even more about the modern world. Later that night after everyone in the household went to bed, Amun-Ra appeared in another shared dream.

"A job very well done, I congratulate all of you! It was definitely worth it. You're all mortal again now, and normal human beings again. You'll all live long, healthy and fulfilling lives.

You, Prince Snefre, will share all the rest of your long and fulfilling life with Kanefer, and nothing and nobody will ever come between you two ever again!"

The god then glanced to his side and motioned with his hand for someone to step forward. To everyone's surprise, Pharaoh Irihar and Queen Nebettawy appeared at his side!

The pharaoh spoke up. "My dear son, I'm so sorry for accusing you of bringing us shame! Kanefer has proven to be most loyal and dedicated to you.

That's all we could ever want for whoever captured your heart."

Next, the queen spoke. "Kanefer has also proven to bring your heart pure joy, just like you bring his heart pure joy. Such love and devotion are truly very rare.

We are so happy for you to start anew!"

Irihar and Nebettawy then thanked all the others for their support and devotion to their resurrected son, and congratulated Pakhom and Meresamun for raising such a pure boy.

When the shared dream ended, all the household's residents were shedding tears under their closed eyes!

From then on, Snefre and Kanefer's affection and devotion remained as strong as ever, as did the support of Pakhom, Meresamun, Mayet, and Idu.

Snefre spent the rest of the summer learning about the modern world, including the English language. He was an eager and fast learner, just like the others.

Of course everyone also made sure Snefre had free time this summer, so he could have fun and create good memories like others his age when school is out for the summer.

That fall when school started again, Snefre got enrolled along with Kanefer.

The prince was introduced to students, teachers, and school administrators as Pakhom and Meresamun's new foster child.

Kanefer was quite well-liked among his peers and teachers, so naturally everyone was eager to get to know his new "brother.

" Countless folks gazed at the prince in admiration, his masculine beauty seemed almost otherworldly.

Snefre performed extremely well academically, just like Kanefer. Both guys were also athletic and played on their high school's sports teams.

After long days of studying, homework, sports games, and other things that come with being in high school, Snefre and Kanefer relaxed in the comfort of their modern home,

completed by the lovers snuggling in bed during the evening before dozing off. After graduating from high school with honors, the guys both went to the same elite college together.

Just like Amun-Ra promised, Snefre and Kanefer lived long, healthy, and fulfilling lives (along with Pakhom, Meresamun, Mayet, and Idu), and nobody and nothing ever came between them.

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