Unfulfilled love

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Unfulfilled love

by daydreamer98

I wish you’d ask me about my favorite color, my childhood and the way I see life.

I wish you’d care enough to ask how my day was whenever you see me.

I wish you’d want to know more about who I truly am.

You already know how my kisses taste and the way my skin rubs against yours.

For you this might be enough, but, for me, it’s just killing me slowly, because the deepness of how I feel isn’t reciprocated.

Nevertheless, I try to bring the best in you everytime I’m around.

I don’t want you to suffer like the way you did in the past, so I accept the love I don’t think I deserve in order to heal you, even though I’m the one who’s not healing.

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5 months agoReply
Unrequited love can be the sadest of all loves as with most people we all have to learn how to love someone and often a part of learning is to have someone teach you when you tell someone of your needs you are in fact teaching them how you need to be treated A great peice something we all have to go through

daydreamer98daydreamer ✬ star gazer ✬ love
5 months agoReply
@bernardtwindwil thank you :)

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
5 months agoReply
The poignancy was wonderful. The message is oft repeated. Lose this bum. You have too much talent to waste it. It was deliciously painful. Great post!!!!!

daydreamer98daydreamer ✬ star gazer ✬ love
5 months agoReply
@phantomhive0227 thank you so much :)

phantomhive0227Bronze CommaThe sun has come again to hold you
5 months agoReply
This was heart breaking and well written. I feel for you~