dayanaDayana. Star Wars Enthusiast. Poet.
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A poem which uses a color to express emotions along with actions.

Poem 1 from The color series.


By; Dayana.

Fire. Lust. Lose our minds, Without a thought. Needing; A desire. And no, I am not a sign that says "For Hire."

Pain. Darkness. Only people, Who are heartless would Understand. Adventure, In every place. Most of the time, You get to punch people, In the face.

Blood, Gore. Don't even try To keep the Thoughts in store. Hope is for losers, Happiness is for suckers. I don't deserve any of it, So why bother?

Seduction, So carefully constructed. Innocent people Made it, So please use Some precautions.

It will want you. It will need you. It will thrill you.

But you'll end up torn apart. And let's be real, You and I, Both knew this Straight from the start.

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@dayana that's awesome! looking forward to seeing the other colors!

dayanaDayana. Star Wars Enthusiast. Poet.
a year agoReply
@lisa I've done Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and I'm currently working on Blue :)

lisaSilver CommaCats
a year agoReply
Nice!! What other colors have you done?