Love Letter from the grass to the sky.
Love Letter from the grass to the sky.  stories

dayanaDayana. Star Wars Enthusiast. Poet.
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Love Letter from the grass to the sky.

By: Dayana.

I got damp for you. I got soaking wet for you.

I feel like I have made you blue. Why did you become so blue? You're gray, you're pale. Are you scared?

You were crying, Yes indeed you were. So hard, that you cried A whole world of tears. And even after all these years, You still manage to have tears, In those orbs that I cannot see.

Is this my nightmae? Is this my shame? Is this my hell? Trust me, I cannot tell. I have attempted to make you happy, Yet you keep on treating me so badly.

Though there are those days, That your smile shines so bright, That I cannot see, I still find someway to make you disagree. I fell for you, Deep into the ground.

But now, do we have a connection? We're falling apart, We're going insane. Our relationship is plain. Just like my green hair.

What did you want me to do? Did you want me to get on my knee, And ask you something important? Our love got shortened. You poured too many tears on me.

But frankly, I'm still hopin' That one day you will come back. And I'll feel your warmth against My skin. And at that moment, I will know that everything was real.

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