What I Dislike About Life

What I Dislike About Life fear stories

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I will tell you about something that I dislike in this life.

What I Dislike About Life

by dawnvalley

Just in case, if you asked me about what I dislike about life.

I dislike it when I'm invisible to other people.

I dislike it when other people try to bash me just to increase their image.

I dislike it when I have tried to put so much effort into something, and they still think as I have done zero contributions.

I dislike it when my parents compare me to another kid's achievement, even though our paths are unrelated.

I dislike it when people judge me just because I tend to be perfectionist.

I dislike it when high school reunion became a place to boast each's achievements.

I dislike it when no matter how many times in my life I did something good, one small mistake can reset it all to zero.

I dislike it when I can get easily envious with my friends who are far better than me.

I dislike it when the people who has authority scold you about something, and even though you can argue, they won't listen to you.

I dislike it when I need to think twice before I say hi to an old friend, because I always assume that they have forgotten about me.

And if you asked me about what I like about life.

I don't know.

I can't write it here.

It's too many :)

No matter how many times you dislike this life,

always remember,

that in your own story,

you are the main character.

So try to find other reasons to like this life,

because you are the only one who can control it.

Try to live and love your life, guys! :D

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