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Let me show you a bit about what's inside my mind.

Val and Frank

by dawnvalley

Val: Hello, Frank!

Frank: Hey Val, my man, how you doing?

Val: Good, good, are you still busy?

Frank: Hmm, a bit, but still can make time for you.

Val: Wow, that's nice of you, haha, how's life?

Frank: Well, you know, same same, I thought you've lived this life more than me?

Val: Well, yeah, I've spent my time writing, lately.

Frank: Whoa, that's nice, finally, you know, you've spent a long time keeping your imaginations inside your head until you graduated, right?

Val: Yeah, college was hard for me to keep up, luckily you were there to help me.

Frank: Well, I just helped a bit, because I happened to be good at reading, so therefore, you could give me the study works.

Val: We're so lucky to share the same body, you know?

Frank: Yeah, that's right, but lately you've been taking about 70% of the body right?

Val: Of course, and you know the reason, right?

Frank: Hmm, I'm afraid so.

Val: Haha, hmm, actually, Frank, how much time do I have?

Frank: You mean, before I have to take over?

Val: Yeah, because, I know that you need to step in after this.

Frank: Well, probably one month, but it's not that strict, you know you can still come out anytime, right?

Val: But you'll be the one who takes over the 70% after this.

Frank: Yeah, but like I said, it's not that strict, you can still handle one-on-one conversation, like you always do.

Val: You're the one who is more extroverted, you can actually handle that too.

Frank: I can only handle shallow things, Val, I don't have that deep emotions like you do. What I can do is to overcome your anxiety that you usually have, talking in front of people, presenting the materials, and other stuff that involved a lot of people,

but my thing is more about quantity than quality, that's why you're still needed, you're the one that can actually get close personally with other people.

Val: Huh, really? But, like I believe that when we're doing an actual work, your skill is more useful than mine.

Frank: It probably is, but don't underestimate yourself, Val. People like you are still needed in this world, I'm still jealous of your skills at writing you know, probably because the only thing I used to write were reports or journals they're not even that good.

Val: Thanks, Frank, really, I appreciate it.

Frank: You're welcome, Val, just stay with me, our goals might be seemed different, but it actually the same. You still want to inspire and motivate people, right?

Val: Yeah, but it's still really hard to talk in front a lot of people, that's why I'm stuck with writing and only talk to certain people.

Frank: Well, that's where I hop in, you handle the materials and the preparations, and I will be the one presenting them, from a few crowd first and then bigger crowds, and so on, one step at a time.

Val: Wow, really, thank you, I hope this works, but, what is your goal actually?

Frank: My goals are probably the same with other people out there, a life full of achievements and successes, and also contribute a bit to this world, hoping that I can be useful and become a major agent of change in this world.

Probably a bit too unrealistic, huh? Well, you're the one who taught me first about ideas, that's why our skills combined, we can achieve our dream job, a philanthropist, helping people for a good cause.

Val: Haha, I can imagine it already in my mind, Frank.

Frank: Haha, you're always good at imagining things, Val, but not always good at executions, a total opposite of me. I am a mixture of your ideas and society's demands, Val, you can still use me to project your thoughts in this real world.

Val: Thanks, Frank, I don't know if I could survive in this world without you.

Frank: And the same for me too, Val, I don't know where to run if I need to get away from the real world except to you, hahaha.

Val: Yeah, I guess we were created so we could help each other, haha, you will start working next month, right?

Frank: Yeah, one month until the reality will hit us hard, so use this time to let out all of your stories, Val. And you can still take the night time to write when I work during the day, so you can still write even though I'm working.

Val: Thank you, glad, I can still show a bit of me in this world.

Frank: Anytime, Val, the world can be harsh, but I know that you will show up with me at the end, facing the world and always ready for what's coming to us.

Val: Just like you, I will also support you, Frank.

Frank: Thank you very much Val, haha, how about we talk again later, after I've finished all my preparations for my work?

Val: Sure Frank, you can talk to me anytime, good luck for your upcoming work, Frank.

Frank: Thank you, Val, hahaha, goodbye.

Val: Bye, Frank :)

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