The World's Biggest Scam

The World's Biggest Scam gamble stories

dawnvalley Amateur Storyteller
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Do you really know what the world's biggest scam is?

The World's Biggest Scam

by dawnvalley

It's a manipulation,

That put you through a lot of dedication.

A misdirection,

Which can lead into false salvation.

At first, you'll feel lucky,

Like you've just won a lottery.

But it's a drug that's addictive,

From the one that's quite seductive.

You'll be hypnotized,

Until you'll feel mesmerized.

Is it an illusion?

That can change your perception?

Yes, it's a hoax,

With a bunch of paradox.

We might feel invincible,

But it's actually a gamble.

It's not illegal,

But it blinds so many people.

This is the world's biggest scam,

And the impacts aren't always the same.

We'll realize that we're not that tough,

For this scam, that we usually call it...


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