The Small Brown Chapel

The Small Brown Chapel memorable stories

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For today's prompt: memorable. I will tell you about my most memorable and meaningful dream that I've ever had in this life.

The Small Brown Chapel

by dawnvalley

I heard a bell rang, and saw the doves flying away.

I stopped outside the brown building and looked at my watch.

I was wearing a white collared shirt and long tailored pants.

I looked at my surroundings, a few people were also standing outside that small building.

I looked around," What's happening? A Christmas mass? No, there's not a single Christmas tree here."

Everybody was wearing formal wears, but not suits, that's make sense, since the heat in this country will melt them away.

"Oh okay, it's an occasion then?", I kept murmuring by myself.

"There are a lot of happy faces here, so it can't be a funeral.", that's what I said to myself.

Then I saw a group of people near the chapel's entrance.

Four of them, two gentlemen and two ladies.

They shook the hands of the people that's coming to that small brown chapel.

"Oh, I know what it is, it's a marriage.", my brain finally realized it.

That time, I looked once again to the people around me.

There's another feeling when I saw them for a second time.

They looked familiar.

Then I realized that most of them had been going and going inside the building.

It's more awkward if I was standing alone there, so I finally followed those people.

And before I went in, I shook the hands of the greeters near the entrance.

And, I got that same feeling, those familiar smiles when they hold my hands.

When I got inside, I looked at the people.

There were so many people there, but still so many empty chairs.

I looked around to sit and mingle with the crowds.

Who was actually the bride and the groom?

Hell, I didn't even know why I was there at the first place.

So I looked for a seat, there was a middle-aged men there, and I sat next to him.

"Here comes the groom.", that's what he said to me.

And all of the people stood up.

I looked at the groom.

He was not that big for a man.

He was really thin and you could see his black suits were a bit too big for him.

Despite of his physical appearance, I knew something that the guy had.

He had strength, I saw it from his eyes behind those glasses.

Probably not that strength that most of the gentlemen had, this was a determination.

A person that worked hard to achieve something in his life.

He walked to the altar confidently.

And then, the gentleman changed his sight to the chapel entrance.

And she was there, the bride, the one and only partner for the groom.

She walked slowly and gracefully while lifting her gown.

Her eyes fixed to her partner.

Her smile nearly covered all of her face.

And I could guess that her heartbeat should be really fast at that time.

I saw care and honesty on her eyes.

And of course, loyalty for her man.

Accompanied by her father, she finally stood beside the groom.

And there they were,

Saying their vows,

Preach by the pastor,

Lovely kisses,

Applause from the crowds,

And my "manly" tears.

Ohh, I wish that I could stay there forever to cherish those moments and feel the happiness.

But I stepped out, from the small brown chapel.

I looked back, the couple and the crowds, were still there.

Why does it look like I have known them for so long?

And then white flashes,

My eyes opened.

It was Sunday morning.

I opened my bedroom door,

and I headed downstairs where the living room was.

My mom as usual were making tea and toast for her breakfast.

And my dad sat on the couch reading the newspaper.

I went to take a glass of water.

Then, flashbacks came to my mind.

Sudden thoughts about my past dream.

I stood there, and I realized.

I have been living with the groom and the bride from my dream,

for so many years.

I smiled, and then drank my water.

"What's wrong?" asked my mom when she saw me smiling out of nowhere.

"Oh, nothing, mom, haha.", I replied with a grin.

I have never told them about that dream.

The dream when I was invited to their wedding,

before I was even born.

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