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A story about farmers' friendship and kingdom's politics.

The Kings and Us

by dawnvalley The story is a bit long, and sorry for my bad English :)

I was a mere villager in a small kingdom.

We called our kingdom, The Justice.

Our last king, King Blaine Vennett, had passed away about a year ago.

Before he died, he was willing to give his throne to one of his sons.

You may ask," Why not his eldest son?"

It's really hard to decide which one the eldest if they're twins.

Darren Vennett and Preston Vennett were identical twins, with a really opposite personalities.

People said that Darren was a person who likes peace, he tried to develop the kingdom for all of people, no matter how different you are.

But the bad thing was, because of that, the development was not that fast, in fact it was really-really slow paced, and the villagers were starting to question him.

They didn't want Darren to give a chaos ending for their kingdom.

Preston, on the other hand, was really extreme when he tried to help people, he didn't give any tolerance for the people who committed crime.

He killed a lot of people, but certain people seem to think that under Preston's command, Preston only killed minorities while having more tolerance for the majority.

And this hadn't been proven, but people were starting to wonder if Preston was not only a fascist, but a racist as well.

If you ask me, well, I don't know whom I should rooting for, but until now, it seems that Darren's point of view was more aligned with me.

No, this was not the end of my story, in fact it was just the beginning.

I liked to drink with one of my best friends in one of the best taverns in the village.

My friend, let's just call him, Ray, he grew up with me, we used to play together, talking while throwing stones to the river from the small bridge.

We used to work on the fields, we're neighbors, and our farms were side by side.

We talked about everything, our first kisses with our girls, our first achievements, and probably other things that's not that important.

And that keeps happening until now, but it had changed from throwing stones to drinking beers together.

It's just that harsh environment made him more enthusiastic than me.

He started to care more about the people and the kingdom, and how it will grow with the future.

He believed that in order to create extreme changes, you need to take extreme actions.

I have to say, that I could never be as passionate as him.

And as you can guess, he rooted for Preston.

Both Darren and Preston tried to influence the villagers, so they could vote for the next king.

Yes, both me and Ray, either directly or indirectly, were also influenced.

That one day at the bar, Ray finally asked me the question, we were drinking, so probably he asked me while he was drunk.

"How could you support Darren, he didn't give any improvement to our kingdom. Yes, he might be fairer than Preston, but how will being fair give you something.

If Darren took the throne, this kingdom will be as it is, no happy endings, just constant slow-paced development, and we probably can't even see the end?", he blabbered all of those sentences.

Me? No, I didn't respond, if I were drunk, my reaction was to keep my mouth shut, not release it all out like Ray.

"Do you even care about the people and the kingdom dude?

Man, this isn't you, I thought you can finally contribute to people, come on, bigger changes need bigger actions dude, you cannot do that with Darren, vote for Preston and for the people.", he told me that with a louder voice.

After all of his speech, I finally replied, "Hey Ray, do you know, what will I do if Preston become the King of Justice?"

"What will you do?", Ray asked.

"I will wake up in the morning, go to my farm, pick my fruits, put it on the basket, probably sell some on the market, go home, well, probably make some juice,

and in the evening I will probably meet you again in the bar as usual. Now, do you know what will happen if Darren become the king?", I asked Ray.

"What?", he asked again.

"I will wake up in the morning, go to my farm, pick my fruits, put it on the basket, probably sell some on the market, go home, well, probably make some juice,

and in the evening I will probably meet you again in the bar as usual.", I answered again.

"What? So what the hell was the difference?", Ray was confused.

"Literally nothing, Ray, but let's just say that, you keep talking about supporting Preston, and I keep talking about Darren, imagine if we get into a fight because of that.

Well my routine will probably still the same, but it sucks for me to drink alone in this bar without seeing you drunk as usual." that was my answer.

Ray finally shut his mouth.

"Ray, really, what are we? We're just farmers, we might know about Darren and Preston, but do Darren and Preston know about the little farmers who live near the lake and pick apples for living?

Do they know us?" I answered.

Ray took another sip from his glass.

"Well, I'm not gonna deny that Darren or Preston might change our lives someday, and we're in control for that.

But what I'm trying to say is I value our relationship more than my relationship with either Darren or Preston.

I am okay with whom you vote as a king, Ray, but I won't let Darren or Preston interfere with our relationship.

They might be able to rule this kingdom, but can they chug 10 pints of beer like you do, Ray, nahh, I don't think so.", I burst out laughing while handing my glass to have a "cheers" with him.

He also laughed and finally clinked his glass with mine.

"Yeah, man, I need more people like you in this country.", I continued, and of course he knew it was a sarcasm.

And that's how I avoided the conversations about politics with my best friend.

Like I said before, I won't let anyone, even if they're the kings, to disrupt my relationship with my best friend.

Writer's note: This didn't happen to me, it was not based from my life. But lately, I felt sad because some of the people around me can easily break their relations because of their differences in political views. So I write this as a lesson for me and for us, thank you for reading :)

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