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My crime fighter origin story which was created back in my high school and college days.

Rogue's Gallery: Table Manners

by dawnvalley This was a part from a longer story, and I also have to warn you, this has a lot of texts and slides.

"Uncle Gene, where are we going?", asked an 18-year old teen who was named Albert. "Don't worry, Al, just follow me.", Gene looked behind and told Al to follow his lead. Al looked left and right to see if he could guess the destination, but no, he had no idea.

"Here we are, Al." Gene looked at his left side, a small brown house was there. A majestic Victorian style sign was hanged. "The Chocolate Cheshire" was written on it. Al looked inside and saw a young lady standing behind the counter, and a display of various boxes of chocolate could be seen from outside.

"So, you want me to accompany you to buy some chocolates, is this right, Uncle Gene?" asked Albert with a lot of confusion. "That's not why you're here Al, I want you to take a course here.", Gene answered with a smile.

"A chocolate-making course?", Albert's confusion was not reduced at all. "No, table manners course, come on, let's go inside.", Gene went straight to the shop, didn't stop to look at Albert's reaction. But Albert followed him anyway.

"Welcome to The Chocolate Cheshire, do you want to buy our signature chocolates or do you want something custom made?", the lady inside asked Gene. "Oh, thank you, young lady, I want to ask if "the trainer" is in?", another question popped up from Gene.

"Oh yes, he's downstairs, let me call him.", the lady pressed a hidden button under her counter. After approximately one minute, footsteps could be heard, coming to the door with an "Employee Only" sign.

Then, a man who seemed like on his forties, showed up from behind the door. He had a graying hair, and he wore a white long sleeved collared shirt with a black vest and a red tie. He also wore his tailored pants which was part of a suit, but he didn't wear its blazer.

"Watson, how are you?" Gene shook Watson's hand. "I'm always fine, man." he laughed while shaking Gene's hand. Watson took a glimpse at the young man behind Gene, and then he asked," Is this the apprentice that you were talking about, Gene?"

Gene looked back and answered," Oh yeah, this is him, come on, Al, shake his hand and introduce yourself." Albert reluctantly walked towards Watson and shook his hand while saying,"Umm, good afternoon, sir, it's nice to meet you, my name is Albert Vester."

"Ohh, a formal introduction, he will learn fast, Gene." Watson and Gene had a small laugh together. Watson continued his sentence after that laugh,"Come on, you two, follow me downstairs." And the three of them went to the door to downstairs.

When they were already at the underground, Albert saw a lot of tables on the hall. There was also a small stage on the corner of the room and classical music were being played through the speaker. He saw several people, there was a kid, a young lady, and also, an old man sitting on the different tables.

Those three tables were the only ones covered with table cloths, and on top of them there were silverware, and some kind of fake dish made from wax. From Albert's point of view, it seems like the kid was being taught how to prepare the silverware and how to fold the handkerchief by a girl mentor.

The young lady was being taught what kind of silverware that she had to use to eat certain type of meals by another tutor. The old man sat by himself with a lot of different type of fake meals, Albert assumed that the old man was trying to practice remembering all types of dish.

Then he imagined himself sitting on a table and practice like that, and he thought how lame would it be. "Don't worry, Albert, your place for practice is not here.", Watson told Albert with a low voice so it couldn't be heard by the other apprentices.

"Yeah, Albert, you're gonna have a more special course." Gene also whispered to Albert while smiling. Albert didn't know what to respond, because he didn't know the next level of table manners.

"What is it anyway? Table crafting?", he spoke inside his mind. "Come on, follow me.", Watson said. They headed to the door with a sign "Do Not Enter", it seems like an equipment room.

It was not an equipment room. The three of them walked into a long hallway. No sound could be heard when they were there, until they finally reached a brown wooden door.

Watson opened the door, and a jazzy music "Fly Me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra was could be heard from within the room. Albert was surprised to see what's inside that room.

No, it was not a room, it's a really big hall.

Albert looked at his right. There were four men with white plain t-shirt and grey training pants. They were divided into two people partnering up to practice martial arts.

Albert hadn't seen that kind of martial arts before. They blocked with their hands and then countered quickly with their legs.

They were supervised by an older man with a charcoal gray suit, who soon turned back to see another practice, a target shooting practice.

Six people, three gentlemen and three ladies wearing charcoal gray suits. Five mannequins were in front of them with a target on their chest.

The six of them readied their aim with their black silencer pistols. Then, Albert realized, the lady on the far right was not aiming at the mannequin, she aimed at a man with a dark blue formal vest.

"Whoa, is he trying to get himself killed, what the...?", Albert tried to inform Watson, but the silenced shots were already heard.

A bullet was shot into man's right chest, but it didn't pierce his body. Albert now realized that the man was testing a bulletproof vest.

"Yeah, they're the Charcoal Grays, they're the best when it comes to dealing with problems in the field. They move quick and unseen to do their special tasks.", Watson suddenly explained to Albert.

Then Albert looked at the glass room on the left side of the hall. He saw a lot of people, about fifteen people inside, wearing a navy blue lab coats. They were doing various things.

For example, a young man checked a certain type of fabric through his microscopes. There was also a young lady putting some ink-like substance to a fancy golden carved pen.

An old lady was sitting on the corner of the glass room. She looked at Watson, smiled and then gave a slight nod. "Do you know what they're doing, Albert?", Watson asked Albert. Albert didn't know so he didn't respond and shook his head.

"Those are the Navy Blues, those people were the brains behind our agency.

They create our weapons, armors, and tools, with their knowledge of science and engineering, and because of their supports we can achieve what we have right now.", Watson explained to Albert, and then he guided Albert and Gene to the stairs to the second floor.

Once they were upstairs, there were two rooms, one on the left side of the corridor, and the second one was on the right. It seemed that the room on the left side was a meeting room. The wall was transparent and Albert noticed that six people were on the the table, three people on each sides.

They were looking at a man with a dark brown suit, a brown fedora, and vintage glasses doing a presentation. The screen showed a stock price for a certain company. It seemed like a normal meeting session.

"Haha, don't let their appearances fooled you, Albert, they are the real demons behind our agency. They were the only few people who dare enough to put their feet on the hell's ground.

They could cripple a company, talked their way out of many problems, and sometimes did illegal things "legally".", Watson made quotation marks with his fingers while explaining to Albert.

"But you see, about them, I can't talk that much right now, and I hope you understand, let's just call them the Dark Browns for now.", Watson ended his sentence and asked Albert and Gene to get in to Watson's office, which was the small room across the meeting room.

By the time the three of them went in. Albert finally realized something, and this was the first question after he saw a lot of things inside this organization.

He turned to Gene, who was going to sit in front of Watson's desk,"Uncle Gene, were you one of the members of this cult? I mean group, I mean...okay, I don't know what to call these kinds of people.". Gene tried to answer, but he was stopped by Watson's response.

"Let's just call this one "agency", and no, your uncle is not part of this organization, but he used to join a more vicious organization, and we happened to meet on a certain occasion, accidentally.", Watson answered Albert's question.

"Because of something that your uncle did, I kinda owe him one, and this is where your uncle finally cashed in, by registering you.", Watson continued his explanation. Albert finally unlocked some puzzles about his uncle's past mysterious activities, and now he was asked to join some kind of organization that he had never known before.

"Now the question is, do you want to join us?", Watson asked the question, and Gene was staring at Albert's eyes. Albert didn't know the correct answer for this, but he imagined himself being a super cool spy, fighting crime, like James Bond or something.

He also thought that his life until now was just a series of boring activities, things that never actually fulfilled Albert's idea of justice, and now he knew that this opportunity could be a game changer.

Albert finally said,"Yes." And Watson replied with,"Okay then, so, when should we start?"

Writer's Note: This was a scene from a sketch that I used to make during high school and college years. It was inspired from a lot of movies and I tried to put my own elements in this sketch.

But because I am not good at creating plots and I was also busy with my schoolwork back then, I've never managed to finish this novel which was called "Rogue's Gallery".

Maybe next time, I will try to put other scenes from my same sketch. I hope you guys like it, if you have any suggestions or critics, you can write it in the comments :)

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