My Self-Help Book Recommendations

My Self-Help Book Recommendations problem stories

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These are the two books that have changed my life a bit and gave me different points of view in this life.

My Self-Help Book Recommendations

by dawnvalley Hello guys, apparently, I have this "writer's block" lately, so I don't feel like writing something today. But during times like these, I usually change from my "writing mode" to "reading mode".

I read a lot of poems and stories on Commaful. People in this site always tell their stories with emotions and feelings in a well-written words. It is something that I can't get in real life because people have to maintain their images when they're exposed to other people.

On the other hand, sometimes I saw that some people here also have their own problems, like anxiety, or other social stuff. I had these problems in high school, but I finally overcame it when I was in college. And like every people in this world, once your problem has ended, other problems will come in front of you.

I'm 23 now, and I have this problem which is called "a quarter-life crisis". Most people in my age already know this problem of constantly questioning "Is this life for me?", "What is my passion?", "Have I made some mistakes in the past?", "Am I going on the right path?"

Because of these problems, I start reading some self-help books, with the hope that I can change my life someday, the life when I don't have to think about stuff like these anymore. I have two book recommendations for you guys.

1. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

This is probably one of the books that have changed my perception of life. It's not the kind of book that actually give you motivation to do better, but it's more to soften the damages from your problems.

It didn't teach me a secret recipe to a good life, it basically only told me "Life sucks, so just deal with it.". Even so, this book actually gave a realistic solutions to my problems.

The language of this book is really light and friendly to most of the readers, especially to the young millennials. And yeah, as you can see on the title, it will tell you rules about how to not give a f*ck.

2. So Good They Can't Ignore you by Cal Newport

One of the worst problems that people in my generation have is about passion. Well, I don't know if I call writing as my passion, because I don't really understand the definition of passion itself, but I really enjoy doing this. so I'm gonna call it my passion.

But there are also people that until now still unsure about their passions, or starting to realize that this life is not only about fulfilling your dreams, but also to be able to survive every day.

This book told me that following your passion blatantly can be a dangerous advice. Instead of finding the work you love, it will teach you how to love your work.

These two books probably good for the people in my age, I don't know if people younger than me, under 20, can relate and find it useful for them. I also don't know if people from the older generation, such as over 30, find this books helpful for them, because they have literally experienced this life more than me.

These two books might have contradiction, but in my opinion, I haven't found that contradiction. But if you find that one book contradicts each other, it's still better for you to read these two books anyway so you can grasp each other's point of view.

I hope that my recommendations help you. And by the way, since I'm still in "reading mode", if you guys have some self-help book recommendations, you can write it in my comments. Thank you very much guys :)

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