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Why do we have to make wishes?

I Wish

The stars on the night sky were not as bright as that day. A teenage girl and a teenage boy were lying on top of the picnic sheets, looking at the sky's greatest jewelries.

They were talking about their college life, how they have met, how they fell in love, and how they end up until right now.

But another sparkle on the sky interrupted their conversation that night. "Look, a shooting star!", told the boy to the girl beside him.

"Ooo, let's make a wish!", that's what the girl replied to him.

A mother and her child were walking on a street in a town. His mother was going back to home after doing some shopping from the market, and her six-year-old son was accompanying her.

They passed through a well, a wishing well. "What is that, Mom?" asked the six year old boy to her mother. "That is the place where people usually make wishes, dear." answered the mother to her son.

"Oh really? I want to wish something then." The boy ran into the well while her mom following him from behind.

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Janice! Happy birthday to you.", four girls on her twenties were walking to another girl while carrying a birthday cake.

The girl smiled, you can see the happiness on her surprised face. She could see twenty three candles planted on top of the cake, and the flames on top of the candles.

"Come on, come on, make a wish!", said one of her friends to her. She closed her eyes and silence came through her mind.

Why do people make wishes? Are our wishes always granted? Of course not. In my life, most of my wishes were probably not even heard.

But what about other people around us? Sometimes we don't even care about ourselves, but we care more about that people.

I will be happy to see my partner, my family, and my friends being happy and always beside me. That's why sometimes I wish for them.

I hope that good things will happen to the people around me, so we can share those laughs, tears, and stories. There are moments that when I see them being happy, a smile coming out from my lips.

"Dear shooting star, I was like you, fallen, you fell from the sky, but I fell in love to the girl beside me.

I wish that I can always see the sparkles in her eyes, full with happiness, just like this night sky that we see together. "

-The boy who wants the girl to be happy with him for the rest of his life.

"Umm? Mr. Wishing Well? I wish that this coin that I've thrown can make my love for my mommy and daddy to be as deep as this well."

-The child who wants to care for his parents deeply.

"Haha, I have to make a wish again this year, okay, how about this, I wish that my friends will always be with me, until the end,

just like these candles, shining will and passion, overcome everything that is in front of us, together."

-The girl who wants to continue her journey for life, together with her friends.

Best wishes for all of you guys! -Val

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