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For today's prompt: filming, I think I'm just gonna go with a random rant, I hope you like it :D

Endless Recording

by dawnvalley

I dreamed about being a movie director when I was in middle school.

Especially because I used to make characters, so I was a bit curious about putting them into action.

But because the filming school, or cinematography was a bit expensive for me,

And you have to gamble in order to make good movies and receive a big load of money,

I threw away that dream of being a movie director.

My parents also told me that it's not a high-paying job in my country,

So I tried not to risk my future.

But one day, my father lent me his handy cam.

We were going for a vacation to one of the famous islands in my country.

Well, he actually lent me his handy cam so I could record him when he did something during vacation.

I honestly really happy doing that,

You know, being a spectator behind the camera that actually record the joy of other people.

Sometimes, I record other tourists candidly.

Seeing them smiles could warm your heart.

After I had recorded those moments during our family vacation,

I took out the memory card from the camera and put it into my computer.

I could edit it to make a compilation of stories from our summer vacation.

We could watch it on the TV every time we want to cherish the moments.

That's when I realized that our body and mind also have these kinds of system.

Aren't our eyes basically lenses that records the time of our life?

And our brains help us to save those memories to be cherished later.

We had recorded most of the joys and sorrows of our life.

Realize it or not, even sorrows can create good memories for you.

All of those mistakes that you have made, you've learned it, and you won't make the same mistake twice.

Sometimes, even the sorrows that you have felt in the past can be a laughable story in the future.

This is our recording mechanism.

I imagined myself in a movie studio right now.

I felt lucky our eyes are different from the camera that records the film.

The cameraman probably know what happens next on the scene and just record it accordingly.

But our eyes, are more sophisticated than that.

We don't know what our future holds, but we can predict how it will be.

By putting ourselves as the main character of our own movie.

We can expect or avoid something that might be happen in the future.

Sadly, our anxieties usually come because we predict the future too much.

When you watch a movie, you know the movie's conclusion by watching the ending.

Good ending can give you warmth and joy to fill those void in your hearts.

But bad ending can also make you cautious and think about your life thoroughly.

And you also love the movies with those "never ending" sequels right?

Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, that kind of things?

Well lucky for you, we have infinite sequels in our life.

What we don't know is if we're gonna have a good ending or bad ending.

But is it good to know our ending in this present time?

I personally don't think so.

By not knowing how our life gonna ends, is actually the reason why we should record our life endlessly.

Instead of predicting the future too much, record the memories so it can be cherished later.

By doing that, you can be happier, since you always have something to be grateful for :)

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