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When falling in love is not that easy for some people.


I was walking on top of the wooden bridge when I saw you.

I saw your long brown hair and your sparkling brown eyes.

But you didn't see me.

Your eyes were looking at the river.

Seeing your own reflection.

I could feel my heartbeat inside my body.

I could feel how I will caress you with my hands

I could think of many love algorithms inside my brain.

I could think of many words to compliment you with my speech

And I could imagine every scenario of our life together.

Should I say hi to you?

Or stand beside you?

Pretending that I am looking for the same thing as you.

My own reflection?

Is it a good idea?


In the end, I walked past her to cross the bridge.

Hiding my courage to look at her eyes.

Same place,

Different day,

Same feeling,

Same person,


I saw you the next day.

At the same place.

You, still not looking at me.

You looked at the river.

And saw all the autumn leaves floating on it.

All those colors of the leaves.

Matching your red coat and your yellow beret.

Is this love at the first sight?

Why my eyes are always fixed on you?

Should I get close to you?

I walked towards her.

Following my eyes and my heart.

But my brain avoided her.

Too many thoughts of you rejecting me.

Thoughts that were not really happening,

But I am afraid if that happens to me.

So here I go again,

Walking past your presence again.

Same place,

Different day,

Different feeling,

Same person,


You looked sad that day.

You didn't look at the river anymore.

You looked at what's in front of you.

Where the water meets the air.

The river meets the sky, bordered by a thin line of countryside buildings.

Black coat, white beret.

That's what you wore that day.

Is everything okay?

Do you want to talk to me?

Maybe I can help you?

Once again, I picked up my courage and walked towards her.

I walked as I held the fences on the side of the bridge.

The side where she was standing.

As I got close with her,

Her phone rang.

I walked past her again.

Listening to her conversations.

Fading, and fading into inaudible murmurs.

As I walk across the bridge.

Denying the chances of me meeting her.

Same place,

Different day,

Different feeling,

Different people.


and him.

Who is the person that stands beside you?

Your boyfriend, your best friend?

Did you just meet, or you have known for each other for a long time?

You looked happy that day,

But I was sad that I didn't.

All of these scenarios in my head.


I listened to my brain too much than my heart.

I walked past them.

And looked at their hands holding as I walk across.

The sun shined between them.

And the rays struck the right side of my face.

I walked across the bridge.

Without turning back.

It seems that I have fallen in love before.

But now, I have just fallen by myself.

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