blades cutting through water
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davorite -̗̀there's bravery in being soft ̖́-
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a poet with a pen. an ice rink. blades. the impossible. (an imitation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic work)

blades cutting through water

by davorite

her heart beat

quicker and quicker as the building’s glass windows mirrored her approach.

and she knew that

once she crosses the nora rubber flooring...

...and for that week wed an interceptive paradox to the building’s indisputable purpose,

her mind would, for a while,

render her able to free her body from her delusions, like a realist.

so she hesitated,

listening for a moment longer to hear the scraping

of the metal blades cutting open the surface of water.

and then she entered the ice rink,

where, at the cold’s frosty touch

her senses clicked open like a ballpoint pen,

and her ideas solidified into reality.

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