A Plea
A Plea depression stories

davorite-̗̀there's bravery in being soft ̖́-
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A Plea

by davorite

You are surprised to see me.

"Hi!" you say.

"How are you?"

you continue in casual greeting.

"Good, good,"

I reply politely.

Wait, no. I lied.

Please don't change the subject.

Because honestly?

I'm a little depressed.

I'm lost,

and I don't know how I arrived in the place where I stand.

I can't find my way out,

and I've already given up on trying.

Things that used to make me happy

don't interest me anymore.

And I can't tell the difference

between what's good and bad, what's innocuous or dangerous.

Can you give me some directions? Maybe a hand?

Together, we can probably find a way out.

But you only smile, not hearing my silent pleas,

and walk deeper into the forest.

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