4 Reasons You Should be a Cyborg*
                4 Reasons You Should be a Cyborg* stories
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4 Reasons You Should be a Cyborg*

*When it's commercially available


noun a person whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body.

1) You already kinda are

With the help of your phone and the internet

Your physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations

Need to know the 23rd president?

(Benjamin Harrison)

Or what the electric charge of a quark is?

(+ 2⁄3 e, − 1⁄3 e)

Simply ask Google

Our phones have expanded our intelligence

Every day we are tapping into the accumulated knowledge of millions with a simple tap or swipe

Knowledge no longer needs to be memorized

You just need to know how to find it

Think of the power of GPS

You could basically travel anywhere in the world and know where to go

However, the technology isn't inside of you

Making the process to receive information much slower

Computers are able to communicate at a trillion bits per second while humans are limited to 10 bits per second

2. Our merger with machines is already happening

Almost 200,000 people in the U.S. have a pacemaker

An estimated 350,000 have an insulin pump

These medical devices are physically connected to people

And help propel them past their limitations

Thus giving people a more normal life

No one is against these devices from a societal perspective

Because we value equal opportunities

But why not use them to improve people?

3. People already make body improvements

In 2010, Americans had nearly 14m cosmetic procedures

5 million botox injections

Over 300,000 breast enhancements

Even 20,680 people received a chin augmentation

Over $10.1bn was spent on these improvements

And for the most part, society is okay with this

Some subcultures even thrive from it

But if people can improve their bodies

Why shouldn't we improve our minds?

It might seem scary to add something foreign to your body

Especially when you feel like you don't need it


4. We need to make mental improvements

Much faster than people realize

Artificial Intelligence is coming

And I'm not talking about siri

The average scientific prediction is that AI will surpass us

By 2040

That means it will likely to happen within our lifetime

And it's going to disrupt the economy as we know it

In order to stay competitive we need to be smarter

And if you don't upgrade your mental abilities

We’ll risk becoming 'house cats' to artificial intelligence

In order to stay at the top of the food chain

We must augment our capabilities through a merger of biological intelligence and machine intelligence

Our intelligence has made us the dominant species so far

But AI will be exponentially more intelligent

So as soon as it's available from companies like neuralink

Do yourself a favor and update

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