Torment in the Dark
Torment in the Dark pain stories

darkraven808 I will go on until the end...
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This poem is a woeful ode to those in emotional torment. Please read!

Torment in the Dark

Oh, how my heart wails,

Anguish racing through my veins.

My limbs are held together,

With strings of despair.

I scream without making a sound,

I cry without shedding a tear.

A storm rages within,

Pounding at the doors of my mind.

But no, I must stay strong,

I must hold together.

Alone and cold I will stay.

I must not show my pain.

One day though,

I will be free,

Of the chains wrapped around my neck,

Choking the life out of me.

One day, it will all come out

For the world to see.

And then it’ll know

What it did to me.

How it stabbed and carved me,

Until I was nearly gone.

How it cackled

As my blood flowed free.

When I am free,

The world will feel my pain.

It will hurt the why I did,

It’s black blood will create rivers.

Yet I will pull it close,

I will hold it tight.

I will cry with it,

And hold it’s hand.

The world will also feel my love,

The love that I was neglected.

I will embrace it with my light,

I will give it my battered heart.

And then, there will be faith

There will be truth,

Rays of hope will show us the way,

To everlasting peace.

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