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I LOVE Greek Mythology, so I wrote the story of Medusa from her sister’s perspective.

Monster’s Perspective

Medusa lay on the cold, hard ground, writhing in pain. She clutched her swollen belly, trying to calm the two small beings fighting to get out.

She groaned as Pegasus kicked as hard as he could with his hooves.

"Breathe." Euryale clutched Medusa's scaled hand, trying to ease her agony.

"Sister, I...." Medusa was cut off by her own scream as Chrysaor, the other child, broke a rib.

Hundreds of Medusa's snakes struck, trying to kill the invisible enemy that gave pain to their host.

Euryale ruffled her wings anxiously as Medusa dug her bronze talons into her arm. "May Mother Gaea*1 bestow a thousand curses upon the Earth-shaker*2!"

"Euryale!" Euryale whipped her head around. Stheno, the eldest, ran wide eyed into the cave. "A hero*3 approaches! You must hide Medusa!"

Euryale frowned deeply and helped Medusa. Medusa panted as she rose unsteadily on her feet, supported only by her sister.

Stheno stood at the mouth of the cave, her blood red serpentine hair writhing around her face.

"Come," whispered Euryale, nearly dragging Medusa to the back of the cave. Medusa shivered on the ground, huddled against a stalagmite.

"I will return," Euryale said, holding her sister in an embrace.

Euryale raced over to Stheno, who was watching the sky. A man wielding a sword flew with the sandals of Hermes, heading straight for their home.

Stheno glanced at Euryale, her eyes reflecting fear. "We must remember our immortality, sister. Do not fear Thanatos*4."

Euryale nodded and looked back up, but the sky was empty. Her heart jumped to her throat, realizing he could already be on their island.

Suddenly, Stheno's snakes shot up. She bared her teeth at the air.

"What is it?" Euryale said, from behind Stheno.

"I smell him," she hissed, pushing Euryale into the shadows. Euryale peeked out from behind Stheno. The scent suddenly hit her. She tensed, baring her teeth.

Suddenly, Euryale screamed. A cut sliced across her arm, and blood trickled down from it. She blindly lashed out, only clawing at the air.

Stheno quickly jumped in front of her sister, swinging her head around, trying to find their invisible enemy. She froze, staring at the ground.

The dust was imprinted with footprints that led further into the cave.

“No!” She yelled, frantically racing to the back of the cave, with Euryale following after. Medusa looked up at Stheno, right before a glint if metal sliced through the air.

Euryale wailed in despair as Medusa’s head rolled on the ground. A whoosh of air flew past them, and they immediately chased the now visible hero.

He was carrying Medusa’s head in a bag, and the two sisters tried to grab it, but failed.

He looked back, his eyes shining with victory. He put the Helmet of Hades back on, and he and the head became invisible once again.

Stheno and Euryale blindly followed him, enraged, but were unable to chase him without seeing him. They flew back to their island.

Euryale crept slowly into the cave, dragging Medusa’s body back out.

She suddenly gasped. “They’re gone!”

She placed her hand on Medusa’s belly, but the children were no longer there.

Stheno grabbed her shoulder. “Look!” A flying horse flew gracefully in the air, with an armed man mounted on him.

“Pegasus and Chrysaor,” Stheno murmured, watching her nephews fly away.

*1=Gaea is “Mother Earth”

*2=the earth shaker is the nickname for Poseidon, god of the seas, and also the father of Pegasus and Crysaor.

*3=the hero is Perseus, son of Zeus.

*4= basically the Grim Reaper.

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