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darkraven808 I will go on until the end...
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Flash fiction loosely addressing the dying bee situation. 🐝

Click Click...Buzz?

“What do you want?” Amelia growled through her teeth, blood dripping down her forehead.

“Ooh, a tough one!” The man chuckled, standing in the shadows. His tall silhouette shifted as he turned to look at her. “I think you know exactly what I want.”

Amelia’s eyes darted around the room nervously. She hoped - no she prayed he wouldn’t see the bulge in her jacket pocket.

“What’s this?” He stepped towards her, revealing himself in the light. His eyes reminded her of a snake - cold and dark.

Blonde, choppy hair crowned his head, giving him the appearance of an angel, hiding his true temperament.

Amelia cursed her rotten luck as he looked directly at her pocket. “No, this is way too easy!” He covered his mouth, masking a smile.

“You brought it here? I thought I’d have to break out the pliers at least,” he said, his voice laced with a touch of disappointment.

Amelia looked down, tucking her chin down to her chest. Her shoulders began to shake, causing her ash brown hair to surround her face.

“Oh, are you sad cuz’ you fwailed your wittle mission?” The man said mockingly, assuming she was crying. He reached down to pluck the item out of her pocket.

Suddenly, Amelia shot her head up, stabbing him in the eye. She dropped the pointed necklace out of her mouth as the man screamed in pain.

Without hesitating, she stood up with the chair, hitting the torturer with all her body weight.

The chair crumbled under the force, knocking the torturer to the ground. Amelia grimaced as the broken wood scratched up her arms, but at least she was free.

She scrambled up, shrugging off the ropes that previously bound her. The man lay on the ground, holding his head in pain, barely moving.

Frowning, Amelia dug out his phone, dialing the cops. When the receiver picked up, Amelia put on her scared, feminine voice. “Ohmygosh, this guy tried attacking me......ohmygoshohmygosh I think I killed him!” She hung up after giving her location.

Throwing on her hood, she ran away from the building as sirens approached, hidden under the veil of the night.

After an hour of walking, a black Honda CRV pulled up next to Amelia.

“Took you long enough,” she said as she swung into the vehicle. The driver rolled his eyes. “This car was quite hard to get, considering it’s an antique.”

A few hours later, Igor, the driver, suddenly stopped. He pointed a remote towards the ground, and the forest floor hinged upwards, revealing a secret door.

Lights flickered on as they drove through the tunnel.

A woman waited impatiently, her lithe figure outlined by the headlights. Amelia quickly jumped out of the car, a smile plastered on her face.

The woman’s eyes lit up. “You got it!”

Amelia nodded, pulling out the clear, polycarbonate TerraSphere from her pocket. The woman shook her head in awe. “This little bubble is worth 750 billion dollars.”

Amelia stared at the sphere, realizing what she had almost died for. The two little bees flying in the ball could be the only way to save the Earth.


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