What's The Truth?
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darklylovedDelicately Chaotic
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Freesyle again.
It's midnight at the moment to tired to put photos so why the write based on them, right?

What's The Truth?

by darklyloved

Do you remember the sound of the water on that special day?

Do you remember the deserted roads we took?

Do you remember how we splashed and played in the water?

Doesn't it feel like a fairytale you read in a cozy cottage?

Don't you ever feel like you can fly at times like that? Above your world and into a new reality?

It's magnificent isn't it? The way the world works.

Don't you need time to just sit and try to wrap your mind around the world that everyone loves so much?

Our technology, it's amazing but can spoil things, can't it?

Again, all in a little cottage, our story is being told, like a fantasy, isn't it?

Oh how this feels so far away now....correct?

Unrealistic...yet just the other day I realized the truth.

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