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What I have to say about the New Zealand Mosque Shooting. I pray for all the lost souls. Please read this to stay informed!

What I Pray For

This story is about The New Zealand mosque shooting. If you haven't heard about it, please google it. The Prime Minister of New Zealand has stated that "this is one of our most darkest days." Thank you.

I pray for the young ones who were shot mercilessly in the arms of their dying fathers.

I pray for the elderly ones who died trying to escape as they warned the others of the heartless murderer that chased them down with no remorse.

I pray for the people who have lost their lives in cold blood by a man who took pleasure in butchering the innocent.

I pray for the families who are forced to live with the aftermath of the massacre, in fear that they might be next.

I pray for everyone who is told that their sacred place of worship is no longer safe because of the ignorant hate that many people harbor.

I pray for the 49+ souls that never had a chance to say goodbye.

I pray for the world to understand that we are innocent and that we are not the terrorists and we too deserve a safe, fearless life.

I pray in hopes that I will not be next.

Quick info about the attack: Youngest person that died was a 5-year old boy who died as his father held him. The father was shot in the back multiple times and the boy was shot straight through the heart. 49 people died. 20 people injured. This incited a copycat shooting in another mosque as well. Entire shooting was on live video and the attacker was listing to music.

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