The Colours That I Find You In
The Colours That I Find You In sad stories

darklylovedA Delicately Chaotic Mess
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Colours hold so many things. Colours to me, hold you.

The Colours That I Find You In

Paint me Silver,

Paint me Silver, To reflect your Beauty.

Paint me Yellow,

Paint me Yellow, To brighten your day.

Paint me Red,

Paint me Red, To steal your attention.

Paint me Blue,

Paint me Blue, To blend with the sky you love so much

Paint me Pink,

Paint me Pink To represent the color that I feel for you.

Paint me Black

Paint me Black, To mourn you.

A woman of my dreams.

A man who has never existed.

A person I met in the sunlight.

Paint me Rainbow,

Paint me Rainbow, To allow me to live in clouds with you.

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