Stuck to Me Like It's Fate
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Stuck to Me Like It's Fate

by darklyloved

"Run" You hear me whisper in the cold, damp air.

You obeyed. And I ran to chase.

Like a fox, I lured you, an innocent bunny, into your nightmare.

I can hear your footsteps halting to a stop.

I'm above you like, an owl watching its prey.

You settle at the base of the tree, exhausted. Poor thing.

You broke me into a million pieces.

Your words echoing in my mind, stabbing me like thousands of pieces of broken glass.

But I can't do that to you. I'm chasing you to make you feel fear. The type of fear I felt without you.

I love you. My heart aches, and I feel empty knowing you will not return.

I fall off the tree and land beside you, silent tears streaming down my face. I compose myself.

"I ran to enlighten you. I wasn't afraid. I knew it was you. The smell of strawberries in your breath. Unforgettable."

She knew. Yet she ran. Isn't she perfect? Too perfect for me. Not meant to be.

Yet I'm Stuck To Her Like It's Fate.

Cry myself an endless waterfall, I did. But she's happy, so I shall smile.

Yet I still am a monster. And so I shall make her run. Run farther than she thinks. And I shall be the fox and she shall be the bunny.

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