My Dear Love Story To You
My Dear Love Story To You vday2017 stories

darklyloved A Delicately Chaotic Mess
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For all the love that could never end < 3

My Dear Love Story To You

by darklyloved

Wondrous things happen in this universe of mystery.

It's truly unlimited.

Like the number of stars that appeared on that oh so special night. You couldn't even count them.

It was just magnificent.

The number of times where I was so proud to be able to call you mine. You'd die before you finished counting.

There's a large number of times where I looked in the mirror and prayed I didn't screw it up. This magical thing that happened to me. To us.

As the sun sets for the last time of our lives, I look beside me in bed and see you for the very last time.

We lived such a great life you and I.

Went to many places. Had so much memories and moments to cherish.

Everyday...I loved you more and more.

Every day until the last day where my heart exploded finally from the beauty that radiated off of you

All these words mean nothing compared to my unlimited love for you.

Yes, our death shall be on Valentine's day, but we will leave together.

Think of us as Life's gift to Death on this special day.

This is my note to you, my love, even though I know you shall never read it. And I'm grateful for that since it means you didn't have to suffer the grief of my leaving.

We shall exit the world in peace.

To my Love on this special day. Happy Valentine's Day.

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