Look at me...
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darklylovedDelicately Chaotic
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Look at me...

by darklyloved

I'm telling you he's clueless.

The more she tries to distance herself from him,

he'll just try to get closer.

She knows he's sweet,

and beautiful,

and he's the guy that people fall in love with

without realizing it until it's too late.

But she just doesn't feel anything.

And he feels everything for her.

Yet while she doesn't want to hurt him,

I want her to.

I want her to snap him out of the daydream his in

and realise that there's another girl out there

that wouldn't even think about leaving him.

But that girl's too shy.

And he's blinded by the exotic feeling of a first love,

that'll never be.

He's clueless, since the other girl that'll

do anything for him,

sits beside him in math class,

during lunch and on the bus

and is his neighbour.

He's clueless since that girl is me...

...No one wants to tell him... He's too soft.

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