I'm Sorry For The Pain
I'm Sorry For The Pain stories

darklylovedA Delicately Chaotic Mess
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I'm sorry. I really am. You know this is meant for you when you read this.

I'm Sorry For The Pain

I truly am...

I don't know what to say... I didn't mean for you to get hurt in the battlefield of words.

I told her to stay downstairs... Not to go and say words that were bound to be misunderstood in our world.

I just needed someone to talk to... I just wanted to have a nice conversation...

I can't tell this to your face because I can't bear to look at it... I keep remembering your face of pure hurt... Knowing it was all my fault. I know I'm a coward. I'm sorry.

I didn't think it'd escalate to that extent. I swear. I just wanted her to know I didn't mean to be rude and that I'm not a child. I swear I just wanted to enter a simple conversation.

When others read this, I hope they don't see the pain that is carved in these sorrow words filled with pain.

I hate this English language. I hate all the languages in this horrid world. They contain words that will unfortunatly be misunderstood by the ears of unlistening people.

Please don't misunderstand these words I say now.

I am so, so, SO, damn sorry.

And I hope you're okay. You don't need to forgive me. I wouldn't really care. I wouldn't forgive myself. I haven't forgiven myself. I will never forgive myself. I hope that makes you feel better for a little while.

I'll watch my words. I'll tread carefully. I know I'm a b**ch. I'll change. It's not like I like myself anyway.

I am so sorry. I love you... And I hope you see these sorrowed words filled with apologies soon.

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