Golden Dragon
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darklylovedDelicately Chaotic
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First time writing a story like this.
Don't judge please.
Constructive criticism accepted.

Golden Dragon

by darklyloved

As I ran and ran towards the empty meadow on the hill,

fear chasing me like a dog & it's tail,

I noticed once again my feet were on fire burning the greenest grass underneath me.

I run faster, hoping to extinguish this fire made from within.

I see the fire spread faster towards my sore thighs.

"NO! PLEASE! I NEED TO REACH THERE BEFORE!" I scream to the never listening sky.

I can hear the large beating of wings, distant, but I understand.

Not once have I been able to do it without them coming for me. Unwanted help. Unneeded help.

I reach the meadow, encircled with green trees that never break the unseen barrier of nature & fiction,

just as the fire reaches my heart and I fall in pain.

Always with the fire. Wasn't it supposed to stop after the first time?

The feared help I didn't want reaches me, just as I do it.

I can see myself like a mirror.

Growing to full size. Full potential. Fiery breath burning my throat.

I am majestic. I am the feeling I feed the most.

I am a burning fire in the middle of a vast empty space.

I am a golden dragon. All metallic, I breath fire into the innocent sky that has seen so much.

I am everything.

I am nothing.

I feed power, so I shall grow powerful.

I am forever superior.

I will forever prove to myself and the world, and especially to the other dragons that come to aid when unneeded, that I can do anything. Even as I fear I will fail. I shall not.

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darklylovedCommabassadorDelicately Chaotic
6 months agoReply
@tdog16 and no it's alright I might take blame on my part that I haven't writen something like this before and yeah it's a boy who can transform into a dragon and there are other dragons that come to help him even though he dosen't need it

darklylovedCommabassadorDelicately Chaotic
6 months agoReply
@tdog16 yeah

tdog16Gifted Writer14 and excited!
6 months agoReply
No no no, this story is good I just can't catch on to things quite well😂 It's funny when people tell a joke it literally takes me more than a minute to actually figure it out😂 So is the golden dragon transformative? Is that the beginning scene, her changing?

darklylovedCommabassadorDelicately Chaotic
6 months agoReply
@tdog16 So I re-read the story and I added a last slide that might help so... re-read it please?

darklylovedCommabassadorDelicately Chaotic
6 months agoReply
@tdog16 Thanks! I'm sorry, but I'm a tab bit lost. What would you like me to explain specifically? I know it's not very good, but it's because it's my first time writing something like this...

tdog16Gifted Writer14 and excited!
6 months agoReply
That was weird...the beginning for me didn't make sense with the you mind explaining? Other than my tiny brain and confusion...that was a very unique piece! A golden dragon isn't something people usually write about but your story explained it beautifully!