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For @Ofthewolves Merry Christmas.

Christmas Love

by darklyloved

As I looked from the place people call the edge of the world,

I wondered about everything that I've ever loved in my life.

I travel with some of the most amazing people I've ever met,

yet they left me a couple of days back, to visit family for Christmas. Can't blame them, can I.

And now I wonder about, how this world is so tiny...

Do we really matter? Do our lives really matter in the face of the universe?

Does any of the many books I've written, about my wandering life. count?

And now I wonder if my family misses me, thinks about me, wishes I would come back home finally a grown adult.

As if my loved ones heard my thoughts, my phone rang, and it turned out to be my mother.

The mother that raised me and loved me, and taught me to do and be who I wanted to be.

She wants me home. She misses her baby boy, Chrys, she says.

I booked the next flight back to my home, located in beautiful Singapore.

They welcomed me with open arms, and once again I felt the love return in my life, the empty void I felt regularly filled with warmth.

I guess you can say Mother Nature, the Universe, loved me enough to give me a Christmas miracle.

~Merry Christmas~

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