Can You Hear The Water? #Freestyle
Can You Hear The Water? #Freestyle freestyle stories

darklylovedA Delicately Chaotic Mess
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Will you run with me?

Can You Hear The Water? #Freestyle

by darklyloved

As I watch the rocket flies up, reaching towards the endless sky,

I remember the trains I once lived in, riding around the endless planet.

I was heading somewhere. A place I told myself to not forget... Yet I forgot.

I remember all the trees and buildings I saw. How I dreamed of living there.

Yet I kept going to the forgotten place towards the endless horizon.

I long to feel the grass I saw on my journey.

I long to meet others like me, on my journey.

Oh. I'm lost again. Nowhere near anywhere. No trains. No life. Just trees.

I walk until it appears. The forgotten place of my dreams.

With wonders and opportunities at every corner.

Silence and peace. A place I hear Anger had lived and loved the most.

My friend Happiness said she had to be surrounded by people in order to be loved.

My friend Peace said she had to fly in order to live.

Those are my friends, and I am Wilderness. Every time you have temptations of running through a forest, that is me wanting a new friend or trying to save you from myself.

Come with me and you can be my companion forever, and I can call you Life.

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