A Child's Head is The Scariest of All
A Child's Head is The Scariest of All mystery2016 stories

darklylovedDelicately Chaotic
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"Again" He says. Love the darkness of a child.
For the Mystery Contest!!!

A Child's Head is The Scariest of All

by darklyloved

He cries tears of blood, as he tilts his head and smiles.

He steps over the body with no sympathy visible.

Black hair dripping with the dark substance that once traveled in one's body giving life.

I loved him so, yet he couldn't feel. No emotions running in this devastating boys head.

He smiles to me.

Who knew a little boy, just under 10, can smile after taking one's life.

As his eyes continue to spill blood, I ask,

"What are you..." With a shaky breath.

"Have you ever heard that a child's mind is the scariest place in the world? Did you ever wonder why? We have no filter and I am the one who takes their thoughts and twists them up,-

'till there's no trace of innocence left. I take those thoughts and feed on them. I am every child you can name."

He takes 1 step forward, then 2 steps back.

"I'll take my time with you because you gave me conversation."

"I'll love you 'till the end." I say. He's a child. Children need to be loved.

He stops. No smiles anymore. His eyes stopping the bloody flow.

"Again" He says.

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