The Truth
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dark_knight96 Community member
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Sleepless thoughts. Enter my torn apart mind.

The Truth

It was an exchange of energy a quid pro quo type of synergy, effortlessly.

lost in time and space dissipating without a trace, I find myself neglecting life itself struggling to pick myself back up and pick up the pace i miss your stunning face

I'm in an empty place and its affecting my mental state

You were trying to avoid yet another heart-break, a void left in my heart, the silence is killing me, I should have known from the start "caution when it comes to love" its bleeding me.

I miss the way you numbed my pain and took the lonesome away it tore me apart when you decided not stay, Endlessly my mind wonders , set astray...

In disbelief of how you just let it go, with nothing to show, You made my eyes glow and heart grow.

I was attached like glue yet I hadn't a clue what would become of us but I had trust, not just lust,

It was like no other bond, who knew you would be the one to abscond, The one to flee maybe all of this was just too real, making half-hearted jokes about getting down on one knee..

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