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dark_knight96 Community member
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Dear Jen ... I miss your face.

Dear Jen

This is my dear Jen letter.

When you came into my life i felt whole. I was somewhat happy before i met you, i didnt realise anything was missing.

The night we met we spoke for hours and hours, we lost sleep but it almost seemed as though the world around us faded and it was just us two.

We spoke about how you love Usher, you're favourite colour is green. We spoke about me, we spoke about you it was like synergy.

It was something I've never experienced before, like our paths had crossed before, perhaps in another life... it's like i've known you my whole life.

We spoke maybe once a month, then once a month turned into once a week and once a week turned into once a day and so forth.

We couldnt get enough like it was a drug, too good to be true? You see there was an issue... nothing that couldnt be fixed. only a matter of distance.

So i jumped on a plane to meet you, you were everything i dreamed about and more. I was so scared to finally meet you, but I put my big boy pants on and went through with it...

Because i believed it was worth it. Dont get me wrong i'll never regret getting on that plane to see you. I'll never regret meeting your parents or drinking all those beers with your Dad.

even though it was only the first time I had ever met you. I had the most amazing time with you. I understand why you did what you did.

It hurt a lot and in a matter of a few days we stopped speaking forever.

But with each and every day that passes you are on my mind, i miss you dearly Jen and perhaps you may hate me for writing this. but I needed to let you know how i feel.

I could never hate you and I know that you're scared, i know that you dont want to hurt me... so i know... why you did what you did.

But im here to tell you once again that im yours if you'll have me. You put a sparkle in my eye. You really do.

Yours truly


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