The Unknown Sellsword
The Unknown Sellsword game of thrones stories
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A short story of a random young man that takes place after the battle of the bastards during a trying time in the 7 kingdoms. A story that you normally wouldnt hear because he isnt a king vying for the kingdoms a undead man fighting the night or a khaleesi with 3 dragons

The Unknown Sellsword

I started out much like everyone else in westeros thats not a part of the seven kingdoms family, poor as fuck. Now mind you we weren't as bad as others because my father was a hard working man.

A man with many talents, my father was able to keep food on the table but not much else.

My mother would handle the things around the houses while father was out doing one of many things he would do to earn money. My mother taught me to read and write.

Even though as a child I hated her daily lessons, once I was out on my own I realized how invaluable the skill was. My older brother died fighting for the Young Wolf Robb Stark.

I hated the name Stark . It wasn't until i met up with my uncle who was a sellsword that I slowly began to understand what war really was.

A bunch of poor men fighting for rich men over a disagreement that most commoners could fix with a brawl and a few cups of Ale.

My uncle taught me many things. How to fight, how to find a decent whorehouse, where to find a good meal in a new town, and most importantly how to fight.

Over the course of the next year or so he left me with many lessons. "Theres fighting a man and then theres killing a man," Uncle said

"Two different parts of the same act. You can fight a hundred men and probably won't remember most of them but that first kill will stick with you always."

The next day we gathered up our things and decided to head to the next town to see if any work was available.

They were quick to hire my uncle due to him having experience but wanted to decline hiring me. But my uncle would have none of that. "If you hire me you have to hire the boy. I trained him personally"

And after some talking amongst themselves they decided to hire me at partial wages. After we found out what we were doing, we knew that I deserved to be paid full wages.

Turned out a lot of men had formed a group of bandits and were raiding any town they came across. And they grew their ranks in each town as well.

Alot of town and such were left unguarded while the kings and queens played war. At first thought to be only about 50 turned out to be 150. We only had 75 men so this was gonna be about stategy

The men were used to attacking villages with little to no defenses and completely unorganized groups. But they weren't expecting us. Or so we thought.

In the middle of the night screams woke me up. I grabbed my spear and knives and headed out to see the chaos the town had fallen into.

My uncle must've still been at the tavern because he wasn't in the room when I awoke and there was no brothel here. I saw a group of men attacking a women and her children.

These bastards were attacking children. I ran towards them with my spear only to be cutoff by a man wearing lannister red. He swung high but i went low and kicked his leg out from under him.

The screams gave me an urgency like I'd never felt before. As the man landed, he quickly turned onto his back only to have my spear pierce his chest. We made eye contact as he died.

I didn't know what to think as I watched the life run from his eyes. I'd heard of groups that worship death as a God and I could see why.

I regained myself and snatched the spear from his chest to sprint to the woman and her children only to be attacked again. With a rage I attacked these men.

One tried to go high as the other went low. I backed away as they swung their swords. One tried to stab me in the face and got his sword stuck as i ducked.

The other man was distracted by something as I rammed my spear through his neck.

I was hit behind by the man who had given up on reclaiming his weapon from the wall. I pulled my dagger from its sheath on my back and emptied his guts for the world to see.

I grabbed my spear but I was too late the they had killed them all. I heard laughing as a large stared at me. "New at this i see." I ran at him full speed.

Like most big men with the least little bit of battle experience, he knew how to carry his weight and moved deceptively fast and moved out of the way before spear could land.

I spun around just fast enough to see his sword come at my head. I fell back to avoid it. He came down hard with another strike and I blocked it with the shaft of my spear. The spear shattered.

He laughed and said, "This is just a bad night for you isn't it?" I kicked him in the nuts. As he balled over in pain, I grabbed my knives. One in each hand. The fury is in his eyes.

My uncle taught me that if you could control a mans emotions, you could control his actions. So I laughed back him and spit on him. He came hard and fast.

Swinging with a strength that was demolishing carts and the sides of barns. I could see that he was tiring. "Come here young pup, you should've stayed in the pen with others."

He then overextended a swing and lost balance. As he stumbled towards me, I saw my opening. I cut his arm that was holding the sword, which he dropped and cut his hamstring. He fell down to one knee.

I pulled his head back and slowly slit his throat. Listening to the gurgles of blood as he tried to breathe. He fell foward and i left him to bleed out.

I heard someone yelling and saw a crowd surrounding someone. I ran to see who it was, taking care to stay behind cover and not be seen.

I got close enough to see my uncle and another man surrounded but fending off a group of men. I found a spear and threw it as hard as I could.

It hit a man in the man and he immediately screamed like nothing I'd ever heard. I ran to another hiding spot while the men turned around and looked for me.

My uncle went at them while the man ran inside. I found a decent sized rock and hit another man as they turned back to my uncle.

I grabbed a sword and mad my way around as they once again were distracted by my uncle.

As they finally felt like they had him beat, I ran and drop kicked one man into another and they landed on my uncles sword. I jumped up and started attacking the confused men.

My uncle looked at me and smiled. "You're making me proud boy," he yelled over the chaos.

After we finished off the the men, we head off to go after more, but soon saw that the effort would be futile. We were outnumbered at least 3 to 1.

We had to make a run for it, but on the way to the forest, we saw a woman being raped. We killed the men, but soon there are arrows raining down on us. They hit the woman and my uncle.

"Shit, you've got to get out of here. No questions boy. Just run." And that's what i did. I looked back to see my uncle being stabbed by man with a spear.

Even then he was still trying to fight them off. But soon the arrows and the spear and the blood loss was to much. I ran and hid. But I would have my revenge. Even if it was one man at a time.

I will find them and I will rip their hearts from their bodies while it still beats.

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