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Horses at play on green-blue days I wanted to break one

Cy and Me

Horses at play on green-blue days

I wanted to break one

But Papa said “No,

you’re not old enough.”

Heated like Alabama mud pie

I mounted my pony and galloped till

red moon twilight

Black silhouettes against a starry backdrop

Cy and I were famished

“Don’t worry girl--I’ll filch us some good glop”

But her body done plopped like a bag of feed

in the arms of baby Jean

So we went to sleep

Now howlin’ mutts harmonize with mornin’ critter’s buzz

Under an old oak, Cy and I woke up

I gone soaked in a brook, leavin’ Cy behind

and returned to her absence

“Cymbeline! Cymbeline!

Why’ve you gone and done this?!”

My chest felt tight

But I refused to cry

(a baby would,

not I,

and Papa wouldn’t want me to.)

But just like that Cy returned with a basket of biscuits

she done filched from old man Johnson’s

“Aw yeah, atta girl!”

I tousle her mane

As she sings with a neigh

I put one in my belly but the stuff’s too dry

so I fed the rest to Cy

As I was enjoyin’ the sound of the wind through the trees

like crashin’ tides of an ocean I’ve never seen

(but Papa told me about)

I heard some feller say, “I’m gonna kill that damn pony!”

I turn my head to see two heads bob up and down the slopey path

It’s Old Man Johnson and his no-good offspring,

Lil’ Johnny,

over yonder

“I think it’s that Catholic boy, Pa!”

“Well then he better say his Hail Marys because I’m going to whip his hide raw!”

Stay or get--what to do??

I was shakin’ in my boots

So I done get and Cy did too

Up and over the fence of a scary old Red Skin

We scurry to the back of his barn and watch

them hollerin’, perplexed like

because they ain’t dare step in

Old Man Johnson then turns Johnny’s head red

with a no-good lashin’

that made him bray like an ass

All the while sayin’,

“Why’d you get got by a dirty little


(you know, I heard Johnny wets the bed,

but I do too.

Maybe next time I see him

I’ll compliment his boots.)

Johnny shot out a bloody spittle

And only said, “cie la vie,”

and picked up his feet to leave

And as I watched the Old Man also make his exit

I felt the taping finger of a

tall old Red Skin

with tree-bark skin and a crinkly mouth

lookin’ down on me


“Be on your way, please.”

I done bowed my head and said, “I beg your pardon, Chief.”

And got out of there with haste

And was on my way

So Cy and I rode for half a day

Until Papa saw us a’commin’

He took off his glasses

And began to cry

I jumped in his arms

And I cried too

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