The Mask of Words

dannibear1461Mum, Novice at poetry
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The Mask of Words

by dannibear1461

Taking advantage of someone's nature, whose open, kind, true Think yourself lucky they invested time on you

Instead you had alternative motives to build yourself up Of their generous heart, to be supportive Her life is in order, a one true soul But instead you saw her as another goal

To open her up, to get to know, but inconsistencies started to show She's strong, wise from all she's been through, instead you played at being a beau

A true genuine soul doesn't mock a gift of love It was in her heart she felt it shoved

The mask finally came off and your true colours shone through But she didn't retaliate, not once, not to you Instead she carried on with another lessened learned believing that one day

Her love would be reciprocated, from another so deep, that wouldn't deceive her with words so cheap.

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@sydney @pops thank you both :)

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very very nice!

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whale then. this is extremely aesthetic!!