Something Missing
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dannibear1461Mum, Novice at poetry
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Something Missing

by dannibear1461


Are you truly happy people ask me I have my children, a home , I'm ok One thing is missing tho...... For me

Ghosts from the Pasts

Sometimes things from our pasts can haunt us We try to fill this will fixes or search out things to make us complete if only temporary


Drugs, drink, sex or go in search of love Now I bet your saying no I don't do that Oh my god why has she said that!

It's true have a think about who you are I know I did and was shocked really What's shaped and defined who you really are I know what I search for, for love

I know who I am and what I stand for But that missing link for me is love If you wish to be loved, love I do this, I'm open and free But searching it out,doesn't bring it to me


But the desire inside me is to be held, cared for Cherished endlessly Hopeless romantic to be swept off my feet This yearning for compassion seated so deep

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