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danielgomezonce again, I'm lost.
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"My love, I loved. Have you loved me too?" I questioned.

Illicitly drawn by the nuisance puppet strings of the universe, 16 year old coffee-addict Leo Prismania indulges unto an exotic cup never tasted before; a paint-stained angel that will do anything for the sake of Instagram. Rue Aquarel Delaney is truly quite the artist.

During which a troubled novelist meets an outspoken photographer and all the other coffee cups and dirty easels that can never be disclosed. A collection of their whimsical and secluded romance molded into fine prose & poetry.

Love brewed another tragedy. Well, it always does.

F o r M u n c h k i n

| d a n i e l g o m e z |

( 1 ) A p o c r y p h a

" My love, I loved. Have you loved me too? " Love didn’t have arms but it was enough to send us both off the edge.

( 2 ) V e n u s

I am but a rose, beguiling though I am thorned, have faith and touch me.

( 3 ) A l b e d o

Such sweet cruelty, seeing your star-filled gazes, once again, i'm lost.

( 4 ) T h e S t a r s

Sighing stars once sang to me on a blooming dawn of crystal August summer;

his promise, so timeless it was made to coalesce- unforgettable as insignia on my golden skin, permanently screaming.

It whispered, forlorn- an impending ancient curse from the Hinterlands;

Your words of promised love brewed ataxia, became vapor residue of empty Frappuccino cups.

“Beware of the blue-eyed and curly-haired one; a tempest so luscious and irresistible for someone so fragile and eager. For sure, it will ravage you.” they said.

I should've listened to the stars.

( 5 ) R a v en - f e a t h e r e d R o m a n c e

Ravaged lips kept swollen. The lilacs bloomed, unbidden; and yet every suffocating kiss, one black hole both of us still dares to sip.

Leave us once more to drown.

( 6 ) T h e G r a n d T o u r

Thank you for seeing museums in me where I saw empty hallways.

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