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Not all creatures of the night are what they seem.


Ah, to be in love. That warm fuzzy little feeling that nestles in your chest and flutters in your stomach.

I can almost hear the buzzing in my ears; every time she comes into the room with that flashy white nightgown. It's enough to drive me mad.

Last night while she slept, I couldn't hold myself back anymore. I started along the smoothness of her arm, my soft kisses running wildly through her skin. It was so delightful.

Her warmth flowed into my mouth with quelling satisfaction. So I began to feel a little dangerous.

I tried kissing the side of her angelical face, but I soon noticed that it bothered her, so I stopped. Her delightful scent made me dizzy; made me crazy.

I wanted to go for her neck, but I contained my urge, though barely, and decided that I'd had enough for the night.

Yes. Last night was a very pleasant night for me and tonight I could only hope for a repeat of the same ambrosial encounter.

That is why I made her believe that I had gone out for the day, when in truth, I had decided to hide myself in the closet; to conceal my presence and surprise her when the time came.

And so, I waited anxiously; the hours passing with amazing promptness. Finally, night came once more and I prepared myself for the lovely evening that awaited me.

I saw her come into the room, wearing the brown outfit she had taken to work that day. She placed her suitcase down and then began to undress. An wide smile crossed my eager expression.

She was beautiful.

Yet, something happened which I hadn't foreseen.

The very instant she was undoing the buttons of her shirt, a man came into the room and wrapped his strong arms around her, pulling her close to him.

She smiled pretty much like I had smiled a few moments ago. But I was not smiling; not anymore.

He then whispered something in her ear, something that made her bite her lip with lustful anticipation. The sight of that stranger kissing her neck almost drove me to the edge of madness.

I was furious, so angry that I almost went out of hiding to deal with the situation.

Yet, I managed to hold back my impulsiveness and chose to wait, watching as the man savored what I had so thoroughly enjoyed the night before.

I waited until they were finished, after which they both fell asleep. It was then that I came out of hiding and approached the bed slowly.

They slept so soundly together, not even suspecting that I was there. I looked at her with disappointment. The shards of my broken heart hurt like razor glass within my chest. But him...

Him I stared at with uncontrollable anger, wild jealousy, and hatred. I knew I could never forgive him. I would see to it that he paid with blood to satiate my vengeful hunger.

I focused my attention on his neck and how I would strip him of his life. When I knew that it was time to act, I acted. I went straight for his jugular, not taking any chances to miss.

I soon realized, however, that I had made a most dire mistake.

You see, he was not really asleep. He was just in that state in which you lay down on the mattress with your eyes closed, thinking whatever it is that you wanna think of before slumbering away.

So when I was close enough to deliver my resolute vengeance, he took notice of my presence...


...and it was all over with thunderous applause.

Life can be unfair when you're as insignificant as a mosquito.

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