Amoretto's Sting
Amoretto's Sting writing stories
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danielanthony A poet who lives art
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Desire is as pointed and poisonous as a sting

Amoretto's Sting

Once upon a face, a smooch…

Luminous flux radiates in her tender eyes coyly calling for more craving;

again I nourish her with eros, she flourishes as a bloomer engulfed by igneous cinders.

The flavour of her tongue, caramel…

I shall want, shall dare to hills and dales of hunger, with me, she will To everest peaks.

On green lawn Lain...

The magnetic union of bodies dripping under glittering stars…

Thrusting into her crux, the wickedest sighs heighten With intense spasm. In Fleshly concord skins friction…

The diction in fraction: ad lib heaving Till honey-cloying climax.

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