Why I'm Leaving High School
Why I'm Leaving High School stories

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A tale of the brave new world we live in and my journey through. Check out the full post here: https://a-musing.co/why-i...

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Why I'm Leaving High School

A tale of the brave new world we live in and my journey through

We make choices every day

These choices determine which path, of many, we will walk for the rest of our lives

Instead of spending years of our lives preparing

We should actively pursue what we WANT to do. It might not be as much fun or easy as taking the well-walked path of over-preparation, but a direct path exists.

Once you know what you want to do in life

Life becomes incredibly simple.

Do what I have to do to take me from Point A to Point B. Every decision can be decided by: Does this help me get from Point A to B? Or what will get me closer to B?

Answering those questions are taxing on a daily basis

but will surely get you to Point B at some point in time. This doesn't work for most people because they are trying to answer "How do I get from Point A to Point B-Z".

Where I am -> Where I want to be. Point A -> Point B

Point A starts for me in high school. I was lucky enough to attend a prestigious private school in LA, where I was allowed to explore my own interests and curiosities.

However, my Point B is different than most people's

To solve problems I care about with technology.

My Point B.

To spend my life building great products & businesses

I've experienced this process of creation before and can see the concrete results of this pursuit.

I have taken every step necessary to realize that dream

Today, that meant leaving high school.

Did high school help get me to Point B?

The short answer is no. Most people end up completing primary, secondary, and (hopefully) some level of higher education on their path to their own nebulous Point B

I'm lucky enough to have found my Point B

School as it is currently defined doesn't directly help me as much as pursuing my own interests would.

Building products is infinitely more educational

To reach my Point B, building products is more useful than sitting in classes and finishing homework

Don't get me wrong

I love learning about the world and exploring my curiosity. My high school did a brilliant job at fomenting that pursuit or knowledge

I'm ready to try things on my own

without classes, syllabi, and pop quizzes, by immersing myself in topics that interest me, like product and design

You learn by doing.

And anyone who "does" agrees. So, the long answer to our original question is no, going to school does not help me get to Point B.

Does going to school get me to Point B faster?

It's a valid question, but again, the answer is no. In fact is slows me down. It might help someone who is unsure of their Point B, but I know where I want to go.

I enjoy reading about John Winthrop in AP US

or learning about vectors in AP Physics, but neither help me get to Point B, but rather, hinder my journey as those 2 hours could have been spent working on Bond

Find your Point B and start moving towards it.

So what's next?

As of Thursday, September 24th, I am no longer a student in high school. I will spend my time working on Bond: http://www.bond.sh/

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