The path that led to nowhere
The path that led to nowhere  stories
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The brick engraved path stood before her, open, with an uncertainty of finding a haven.

The path that led to nowhere

The brick engraved path stood before her, open, with an uncertainty of finding a haven.

The vast forests unfolding towards the canopies ceasing the moon's grey shine, unwelcoming the last fragment of faith into her sallow fingertips. She has been lost, with no signs of life.

Yet no voice halting her from falling to her knees.

As the flourishment of the trees continued to linger, along with it, her growing desire to cut her own branches, to melt into each crack of the bricks felt beneath her sheath.

Despite her struggle to lay eyes on the road, she strides forward, Yet almost at a crawl, instead only to feel she is traipsing around with no clear home.

Her bewildered mind, baffled with thoughts and voices, conflicting upon each other. Running through her bloodstream, circling through her body with no dead end.

Black stained tears of agony and sorrow flow gently down her soft cheek, rolling off her neck. Strangling her, unable to breathe, like a slab of gold held by her throat.

Knees and elbows begin to bleed as the nails and glass from this once yellow road cut through her pale, thinning skin.

The trees would cascade down, as the leaves could now prick and gash her neck.

With what seemed like years gone by, the once thick brown trunks were hidden by the millions of leaves close to her face, pricking her neck and the rest of her fragile body,

leaving a trail of tragedy. Yet, the needles still stuck in their roots, secure enough to withstand another day.

A path leading to nowhere, knowing that straight ahead will worsen, whilst the once narrow scene widened, nowhere to seek refuge.

Though she knows if she ever stops crawling, the brick road will fall from below her into an emptied state of dusk, yet still able to catch stars within.

Though she knows she will find freedom, she is too scared to leave the brick road and trees above her, even with what they've done.

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