"In The Moment"
"In The Moment" subaru stories
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danashea tiktok @danapigeon
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After living in the same place his whole life, a new life awaits on a single action.

"In The Moment"

A man is having lots of trouble today He looks at his car and thinks of driving away

No stable plan, only a steadfast action The next step of life is an instant reaction

He steps to the car with keys in his hand Drives places unknown, so sick of this strand

Eyes kept straight with soft radio static One with the road, his feeling fanatic

Sounds become mumbles, mind in a trance Time is irrelevant, he takes his advance

No time to think of all the old lost friends There was nothing to lose, no means for amends

Left all in the past, now starting anew He thought of the things, he could finally do

A chance to let loose, and to break free New life, new friends, and places to see

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