DEPRESSING hope stories

danantiq Let the words flow free...
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For all those who need support, remember to cherish any traces of hope.


I told myself I won't - but I have to, need to cry again - depressing all around. Should I keep it inside or let it out? I'm sick of it - society won't dictate me.

How can I not be sad and tired with everything going on around ? Even movies, news and TV series, don't know better either.

I just want to let it all out, step outside and run into the unknown. I can barely hold it now, please come back soon.

I'm strong enough to exist without you, but I need you right now, everything is so depressing, and I just need your hug.

Just one hug and let it all out, stay in your arms forever, pull you closer, my only wish, and lay next to you on your bed - hope, that's what I dream.

I told myself I won't - but I have to, cry in your arms again - depressing all around. Let's console ourselves today, my only wish - In your arms to stay.

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