Cherry Blossom
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Part 1 Something was very wrong with the marimo. Oh no Sanji was not talking about the big ass cut from the man’s left eye, or the mass of muscles he put in his 2 years apart, but something else.

Cherry Blossom

Part 1

Something was very wrong with the marimo. Oh no Sanji was not talking about the big ass cut from the man’s left eye, or the mass of muscles he put in his 2 years apart, but something else.

Even though those were some big changes, it suited him.

The cut gave the man an even bigger dangerous air than before and he always had big muscles, always bigger than him, not that he looked often at the man or something,

but it was a small crew and you couldn’t help but notice even the smallest of details. So no, his appearance change was not the weird thing, but the way the man acted.

Sanji was smoking a cigarette when he realized the change. No more white shirts and no more training without a shirt. It seemed impossible but … yes this was a thing to be noticed.

In that moment Zoro was training outside, but he had a black (?), dark blue (?) shirt on him.

I was very hot outside, Nami said that they were approaching a Summer island, and the bullhead was sweating like hell but he let his shirt on.

Oh well it was not his business, he had supper ton prepare so when he finished his smoke he entered in the kitchen. The meat was marinated, he had to wash the vegetables and cut them.

He had to male something light. Maybe a vegetable sour soup and a salad with chicken steak, or maybe a squash and beans soup, mashed potatoes and pig or … For once he could not concentrate.

He knew Zoro had no limits and he will faint from dehydration if he did not stop and drink some liquids.

He always had a hotter body temperature then the rest, and he knew that because he got lost once on a Winter island and Sanji had to search for him,

but he almost froze till he found the damn marimo so when he did he did no think for a second accepting Zoro’s offer to heat him up.

It seems the only solution the swordsman found was putting his freezing hands on his stomach, under his shirt, and it was really hot.

Not waiting another moment he took a big jug of water, added a few ice cubes and a little bit of lemon and got out of the kitchen where the swordsman was already panting.

“You bullheaded, dumbass marimo! What the fuck are you doing, are you trying to faint on the deck so the girls will get worried?”

“What the fuck shit cook?”

“Drink and shut the fuck up, you look like dried seaweed.”

“Oh, thanks…”

“Yeah, yeah, sure. I don’t want you to scare the girls.”

He drank all the water in a few gulps and cleaned his mouth with his hand.

The cook got an idea to test his theory.

“Give me the shirt, I have to go put some clothes for washing.” Sanji said and tried to grab Zoro by the hem of the shirt.

“NO!” Zoro yelled and got back a few paces.

“What the fuck?”

“Ah …. I …. I’ll go wash and leave the shirt there.”

“Wow the seaweed is washing even though it has not been a week yet.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Sanji was right something was definitely wrong. But what? Was he injured? He had to see, but how?

The answer came the next day when Zoro had to jump after their captain in the water and save him from drowning.

When they were both on Thousand Sunny he caught a glimpse of Zoro wanting to throw his shirt off and lift it till his neck, but he changed him mind, or maybe he remembered something,

because his face was turned into a big grimace and looked around as if checking his crewmates. Sanji pretended to scream at Luffy.

Getting into his kitchen, he started thinking again. His front looked ok, ok more than ok but that is not the problem here. There were no new wounds, no bleeding, no nothing.

Yeah, he looked so much better, the man’s chest and abdomen were almost sculptured.

Gahhhh he stayed 2 years too much on that Okama island, he was not like that! What the fuck was he really thinking at Zoro like that? It seems that he was.

Sanji smacked his face with both hands. This could not be happening.

“Oi, what the fuck are you doing? At least let me, I hit harder than you with those weak hands.”

And of course the moment he realized he was …. ogling the man, he appeared in his kitchen.

“What the fuck do you want, dumbass?”

“Mmm, just thirsty.”


“Yeah, yeah, no drinks when sunflower’s around.”

“What? Who the fuck is a sunflower?”

“The one who asks.”

The man got water from the sink and drank it with pleasure.

“Look here you, it is not a problem that you are green, hell marimos are national treasure, and even algae have their uses that does not mean everyone belongs to your specie.

So get the fuck out of my kitchen if you don’t want to get beaten.”

“Try me cook!”

And so it began. Truth be told he really missed their fights this two years.

It was a mean to eliminate the stress and the tension, it was a way they both kept one another on their toes ready anytime to spring, and maybe if he did that with Zoro on those two years,

he would not get caught and dress like a woman. But let the past in the past and think about the present. He was going to show that bullhead that he was not the only one that improved.

He was also better, quicker, and the moment they meet in the fight, they both smiled like two crazy people.

But too fast all was over with Nami punching them both.

“Zoro if you don’t behave I will raise your debt!”



“Yes Namiswaaan!”


“What the fuck asshole? Do you have a problem?”

“Yes I have one!”

Another two bumps in their heads made them quiet down. Zoro went to Nami’s oranges to take a nap and Sanji gushed over the girls while he served them their drinks. Same old, same old.

Just that he was not feeling it. He was really curious about the marimo, and if he thought well the sunflower was not even an insult.

His mother thought him the beauty of the flowers, and even though she was sick, she always smiled when he got her flowers and when he cooked for her.

So he treasured this two things, bringing the girls flowers as often as he could. Robin liked lilies and Nami roses.

But once in a while he brought flowers for the kitchen, you could say for himself. He liked field flowers, he treasured sunflowers and he adored cherry blossom flowers.

So after he calmed down from the fight, he started to cook without thinking much at what he was doing, because his thought was at the marimo and his unusual behavior.

He tried to remember the men’s chest after he got out of the water and it all seemed ok. That meant it was back. Fuck! He stopped from cutting an onion, shocked.

It couldn’t be, Zoro told him once that it was the greatest of shames for a swordsman to have a wound on his back. Mihawk? No! He was also a swordsman.

Finishing the food, he called all at the table and watched carefully for strange behavior from Zoro. But everything seemed alright. It was getting Sanji crazy.

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