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This is a long story about a girl's experience during her college years where she finds out she might have something more to do with people around her than she originally thought. Lea being special is one way of describing her, but that is not in the magical, heroine and superhero-ish manner. Be patient and you will see what this girl holds up her sleeve.

NOTE: I am a med student and I will write when I will find some free time out of my busy schedule.
Feel free to criticise the grammar, but please tell me the correct grammar or send me to some site with grammar rules so I can perfect my English writing.
Not a native English speaker.

The Dreamcatcher


It all started when I finished high school and went to college where a huge wave of unknown people invaded my world and my space.

What initially seemed like a normal, but busy student life, became a really intense and unexplainable reality experience. In the following I will tell some of my stories from way back.

Hang on tight.

The weather is amazing and this day is definitely a beautiful one because it marks the beginning of a new era. The era in which I will make tons of friends and I'll have a lot of fun.

After three days of packing while my mom cried and threw all her life advice from an immense bucket she apparently had somewhere in her...

mind(I guess)at me, I have arrived at the student dorm and I am ready to settle in.

Leaving aside my parents crying, talking, waving at me and all the other things parents do in this situation, I enter my room and quickly unpack everything I have in my luggage,

put everything into order and then go out to check the campus and stop for a good cappuccino somewhere.

Wandering around, I see a lot of students with their parents in campus, some crying, others laughing, but none of them I have known from my hometown.

I enter in a sort of small cafe, check the drinks menu and order some super spicy cappuccino.

Everything goes well, I drink my cappuccino while looking outside the window and seeing how everything unfolds into a silent, dimmed light campus.

Being done with this, I go back to my dorm room to notice that my roommate is there, super cosy in some really nice clothes ( I mean a unicorn jumper pyjama).

I am unbothered, I actually find it funny and relaxing; just perfect to initiate conversation.

'Hi, I am Lea, nice to meet you, guess we will be living together from now on.'

'Heeey, I'm Emily, super thrilled to meet you, you seem like a really cool n interesting person to live with. I must be super lucky.

' (super thrilled? Interesting to live with? Cool person? What is this unicorn dressed girl thinking? Is she being ironic? Is she being serious?

I wear basic jeans with a hoodie and my hair is not that clean...maybe she is being nice, I should play along)

'Yes, thank you, wished I was better dressed for this situation, but it is really nice of you to...'

'Better dressed?' she bursted out. 'What are you talking about? I am wearing a unicorn pyjama for 15 yo kids.

That really doesn't matter, I said what I said because of your face, expression, attitude, vibe'

Yes, apparently she knew me from a previous life or something, but the thing is that we became good friends in short time, so every time after college we went out together, to eat,

to drink and to do different activities together, as much as it was possible because we had different schedules.


It is winter already, exams are close but I am allowing myself some quality time downtown to watch the Christmas lights and decorations while drinking some hot wine.

I am waiting for Emily to arrive, she has just finished attending the lecture she had today and we were supposed to meet downtown so we can go for a walk together.

I have this strange feeling that tingles inside, but I can't say what it is or for what. I haven't slept to well last night. I had this dream, more like a serial nightmare...

every time I felt asleep the nightmare started from where it remained. Never before I have had anything like this.

It was about Emily, she seemed really scared about another person, she was running on some hallway, I tried to stop her and talk to her, but she couldn't see me, hear me.

I was there, but apparently I was not, I was a ghost or I don't know.

During the entire nightmare something was approaching her faster in faster, we couldn't look back to see who it is,

but I could feel it right behind us closer and closer and it was getting colder and colder and then my alarm went of and finally have woken up for good.

Yes and now I am here waiting for her with a strange feeling because of a nightmare/dream.

'Leaaaaa! Heeey!!!' shouted Emily running to me. 'I am finally here, let's spend some quality time together! It has been years since we went out together!'

'We went out four days ago... and we live together'

'Nonsense, we see each other when we sleep, in our dreams, back at the dorm' she said waving her hand in the air as disapproval.

Hearing her say that it was something that struck harder into my tingling inside feeling.

Should I tell her about the weird dream? Is it too weird? Will she think I am exaggerating?

Yeah, most probably it was just a nightmare because I am stressed with the upcoming exams and I was also eager to meet up with her again. I will let that sink in.

'Soo, shall we go down the alley to the park or head to the shops and restaurants?'

'BOTH!' said Emily raising her hands in the air.

Roaming around together, talking and laughing, I notice Emily's smile isn't as big and bright as usual.

Maybe she is stressed with her projects, exams and other college things, just like any student during this part of the year.

We stop in front of a toy store and look inside at some gigantic teddy bears and other animals and I remind Emily about her unicorn pyjama and how a good match a gigantic unicorn would be.

She laughs and looks inside again but makes a step backwards as if she is scared of something.

I take a look also, but there is nothing monstrous inside, there were two kids and a mother and toys.

'Is there something wrong Emily?'

'Oh no, just... reminds me of something'

'Huh? the unicorn? or....?' but while I am asking questions, Emily shakes her head in disapproval and rushes to the next shop.

Confused, I look again before leaving and I see the reflection of a man sitting on the other side of the road all in black, looking at the shops or...

at us? I go after Emily and she tells me she wants to go home and eat some pizza. I agree with her. I mean...Pizza is always a great idea.

Back at home, everything goes fine, we eat pizza, we talk about how college is going for each other,

Emily tells me about some guys she fancies and after four hours we both fall asleep without even noticing. To be continued...

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