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damnitandy (╯‵□′)╯ I know you like me, admit it!
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Journal Entry Time!

Andys Journal

Well, Dr. Facilier tells us about her little ghost friend, I get a vibe that thats not all to it- but we all have our secrets after all, even me. ;)

I give the little guy a shot- I will take her under my wing- and if something goes wrong, then its on me.

And then Elliott came in and was like *in a high squeaky voice* "No you cant beacuse I said NO!" well that kinda ruined the mood. I swear Elliott is like a Mom to that child.

Charley and Elliott start to bicker- but Elliott wins in the end, like I knew she would. She offers us the Loch's library to find out more information on the haunted house.

On the way there Ramona pops a question. I start to talk about- i dont even know what- and they think im jelous. Then someone had to bring up the blazer- LIKE NOOOO WHYYYY!!!

I mention a skirt and Art just looks at me funny for the longest time- I dont know what was going through their head- and im not sure I want to know. ~Andy

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