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Journal Entry Time!

Andys Journal

So- where do I start? Oh- how about when we are casually stuck in the closet- snug as a bug- with a raging poltergeist on the other side of the door. The question why it hasnt tore the door down was floating somewhere, you know, in between my thoughts on how close we all were.

Charley breaks the silence by asking for a torch, I reach over Art to lend her mine, causally finding an excuse to elbow Art- Charley turns on the torch- nice job Charley- i could of done a better job, but you know, on a person. *smirky face*

She squats down- saying "Oh, JuSt wHaT I tHoUgHt" so, i lean over to get a good look at what shes talking about, and I FUCKING FELL OVER. No, Art, I didnt fall for you. *smirky face* I try to get back up- no success. Art being foolish- tried to help me up- but got stuck in the most awkward postion ever. He was like legit on top of me.

I try getting up- but my head hit their knee/shin whateverness. THAT SHIT HURT LIKE HELL! So, of course, i made a remark. AND CHARLEY STARTED LAUGHING! Now, if i wasnt stuck in a cramped closet, in the most awkward postion, i would of tackled Charley.

We finally got back to an upright postion, and im now in the middle. Hmmm- should i attack? No, ill wait until the time is right... The closet seems to be like a safe place for regular people against shit like ghosts, which is somewhat suprising. I feel around and find a small iron thingy, after pointing it out, I stamp my foot, and the floor gives out.

We fall hard- like OW! We landed in a tangled mess- and man- i mean tangled. Im not going into detail. While we were falling I noticed something- its probably nothing- but ill have to keep my eyes open for something more.

So it was a safe cave- or whatever- with a pile of bones laying on the floor. I felt suuuuper welcomed. ~Andy

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