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damnitandy (╯‵□′)╯ I know you like me, admit it!
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Journal Entry Time!

Andys Journal

We enter the damn house and the feeling is still in the air, I cant shake it- no matter how hard I try.

One of the new persons wants to go with me to check upstairs. This one is tolerable. We all agree to meet back in 30 mins, however, Art and Romoana were gone for an extra 15 minutes, doing who knows what.

We checked the basement, where they supposedly were, and they weren't there. Stoopid dead people.

We left- well were about to leave- until Charley decided to wander away- WITHOUT HER FRICKIN RAPIER. Like come on! Your gonna wander away, always bring some shit thats sharp! BE SMART! Like me *aHeM*

So, of course, being the amazing friend I am, grabbed her stabby, and followed her.

Well, guess who joined? Art. I knew he would. *smirky face* ~Andy

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